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  1. I'll probably drop Barea for him because I think RHJ is too valuable. I'd rather try and make a trade for him or someone else rather than dropping him right away Help? Thanks!
  2. I think that's pretty fair. And you have a pretty deep roster so I think you can take the hit of getting a lesser player from the wire with Dame Help? Thanks!
  3. I'll go with Embiid's side on this one. You'll get a lot more varied stats and won't hurt you significantly anywhere unlike DJ and hist FT woes Help? Thanks!
  4. I like Milos and Ingles here since they usually don't hurt you in any category. I'm putting Ingles a bit ahead because of his ability to trickle in other stats as well but it's close. Thanks for your help on mine!
  5. The fact that you're still in first place with Murray means you don't really need that much of a help from TJM. I also think he'll be an integral part of Spurs' future when Parker retires so I'll probably hold for now Help? Thanks!
  6. If it's a 12 team then I'll take Cousins. Hopefully your WW isn't that dry though. Help? Thanks!
  7. I like Butler's side assuming it's either Gary or Tobias Harris Help? Thanks!
  8. I'll probably trade Lamb for him but Batum might get traded. And I still believe Prince will turn it around despite being frustrating to own lately Help? Thanks!
  9. I like Carroll on this one. He's posting a steady mid to late round value on a fast paced Nets offense. Nance is OK but having Kuz and Randle prevents him from getting high minutes Help? Thanks!
  10. I'll go for Millsap on this one given the current standing of the Grizzlies. He'll probably be shut down or on very restricted minutes once he comes back Help? Thanks!
  11. I'll stay put for now and increase Gobert's value after coming back from an injury. From there you can probably ask a better player instead of Rondo Help? Thanks!
  12. Try doing the Ariza trade first. But even if it's 1 for 1, getting Dame will be good for your team Help? Thanks!
  13. This is actually a no-brainer if only Whiteside doesn't sit on the bench during crunch time. But if you're willing to look past that, he'll be a good fit for your team Help? Thanks!
  14. If you can get another promising young player instead of Dwight I would've taken KD's side. But as it is right now, I'll keep AD and Kyrie Help? Thanks!
  15. I'll go for the Melo side. I'm not really high on Bender with Chriss around and I think TJ has reached his potential in a crowded Miami backcourt Help? Thanks!