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  1. Why the hell is he chucking it from deep and not looking for better shots? 70 missed 3s in a 7 game span has to be the record.. someone find those deep stats lol
  2. Over the past 7 games... From the field- 55/166 for .331% From 3- 21/91 for .231% This has to be one of the worst cold streaks of his career.
  3. Prep for Week 14 aaaand I’m back. We’ve got an interesting schedule this week with some extremely heavy game days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and some very light games with only 1 game on Tuesday, 3 games on Thursday and 5 games on Saturday. This means that streaming will be more valuable than usual for week 14. DAL only plays 3 games this week but all 3 are quality games, making them the best team to stream this week. LAL and BKN have the 2nd best schedules w 4 games played + 2 quality games. Kawhi owners prepare for the Tues/Wed b2b. Good news is that Wednesday is a heavy game day and your roster will likely be filled. Schedule Teams playing 2 games: CHA, MIL Teams playing 3 games: CLE, DAL, GSW, MIA, PHI, POR, SAC, UTA Teams playing 4 games: ATL, BOS, BKN, CHI, DEN, DET, HOU, IND, LAC, LAL, MEM, MIN, NOP, NYK, OKC, ORL, PHX, SAS, TOR, WAS Teams playing 5 games: none Low Game Days Tues- 1 game Thurs- 3 games Sat- 5 games No Games on Mon/Tues none Latest Start to the Week Pretty irrelevant bc everyone plays Monday or Tuesday but LAC @ DAL is the Tuesday game. Kawhi owners beware, the Clippers also play on Wednesday. B2B Games Mon-Tues: none Tues-Wed: LAC Stream options Shallow: Beverley- Pat shouldn’t be available anywhere at this point but if he is, pick him up ASAP. Over the past 2 weeks, he’s been a top 50 fantasy option at #49. The assists will drop once George returns but he does enough of everything else to warrant a roster spot. Deeper: Shamet- just a 3s streamer but he’s hit double digits in 3 straight games and Kawhi is guaranteed a game in this b2b and PG isn’t a lock to play.. meaning Shamet will have more looks coming his way. With only 1 game on Tuesday, Shamet is 100% a streamer to look at. DAL players to consider- pretty much every healthy player not named Luka. Hardaway, Powell, Kleber, DFS, Curry and Wright are all streaming options for Tuesday. Wed-Thurs: WAS, LAL Stream options Shallow: Thomas Bryant- if an owner dropped him after a rough 3 games since returning, pick him on up. Bryant was a top 80 option when healthy and playing full minutes. Deeper: Troy Brown Jr.- This guy has been a stud. Ranked #89 over the past month with avgs of 14.5/7.5/1.9 w 1.4 steals on 46% from the field. He isn’t available in many competitive deeper leagues but pick him up if he is. TBJ is avging the 6th most rebounds per game over the past month for SF’s. Smith- IT has fallen off a cliff and assists are hard to find on the wire. Pick up Ish for low-end PG stats. Howard- his value is pretty reliant on AD’s health but if AD remains out and Dwight is still available.. snag him. Howard has turned back to clock for 11/12.3 w 1.8 blocks on 68% since AD got injured. That’s good for player rank #64. McGee- same as Howard, if AD is out.. his value gets a massive bump. Player rank #71 since AD got injured. KCP- he gets clowned on ALOT but KCP has actually been pretty solid recently. He won’t do much outside of scoring and 3s but he’s sitting at #74 over the past 2 weeks. Green- Green is absolutely rolling in Rondo’s absence and he’s been the 75th ranked player over the past two weeks. Pick him up for some well rounded lines w out of position blocks upside. Thurs-Fri: none Fri-Sat: OKC, MIN, DET, CHI Stream options Shallow: Noel- his ownership on ESPN is a joke at 13%. For a player that has consistently been in the top 75 all season, he should be owned in all leagues. He’s racked up 8 stocks in just 2 games since coming back and with the possibility of Adams still getting traded, theres no reason for Noel to be on the WW. Deeper: Culver- He’ll still be a liability for %s and can’t seem to get assists to save his life but with Teague out of the picture, his role and path to minutes is locked in. Top 100 option over the past 2 weeks. Napier- Unless the Wolves trade for Russell or any other stud PG, Napier projects to finish out the season as the starter. He’s been super inconsistent but he had a stretch of 4 20+ point games 3 weeks ago, so there is SOME upside. Expect decent assists and some points from Napier. Mykhailiuk- this sniper just keeps getting it done. Back to back 20 pt games and 3.3 3s per game over the past 2 weeks… he deserves a roster spot until Kennard returns. The Detroit PFs (Morris, Wood, Doumbouya)- all three will be inconsistent but pick up Morris and Doumbouya for pts and 3s and pick up Wood for rebound and defensive stat upside. Wood is my preferred pickup for the blocks. Reggie Jackson- what he’s alive? Dont pick him up bc he’s terrible at basketball but it’ll be good to see Bobby back out on the court. Kornet- shades of Spencer Hawes with this guy but with at least a block in 6 straight games and a big man that can hit multiple 3s a game.. yes please. Kornet will be relevant for at least the next few weeks while the CHI bigs get healthy. Dunn, Young, White Sat-Sun: BKN Stream options Shallow: n/a Deeper: LeVert- Not a fan of LeVert considering he trashes your %s, TOs and chances of winning BUT points are hard to find in deep league and his minutes will increase. Pick him up solely for a points boost. Prince- his fg% is absolutely hideous but he’s starting and playing 30+mpg, expect some 3s and pts in the teens for Prince. Harris- his value drops with the Nets getting healthy but Harris is still a viable 3s streaming option. Pseudo B2B's - when a team plays on low game days that sandwich a day(s) w a heavy slate of games Games per day Mon: 14 Tues: 1 Wed: 12 Thurs: 3 Fri: 11 Sat: 5 Sun: 8 Tues-Thurs: DAL Thurs-Sat: LAL, DAL, BKN, CLE Best Streaming Schedules for the Week 4 games: ATL, BOS, BKN, CHI, DEN, DET, HOU, IND, LAC, LAL, MEM, MIN, NOP, NYK, OKC, ORL, PHX, SAS, TOR, WAS Teams that both have 4 games + at least 1 quality game: LAC, LAL (2), WAS, BKN (2), CHI, DET, MIN, OKC,
  4. Life got busy the past 2 weeks w a move but I’ll be back to being active on the forums to finish out the season my dude💪 expect the weekly post on fri or sat like usual
  5. Everyone who lost him.. having 2 stock monsters was making this season a breeze
  6. My Teague/Napier stack is so unbelievably trash
  7. Rotoworld is probably still going to be all over his nuts for the “all world godly upside”... this guy doesn’t do much out there.
  8. brutal. he was carrying my entire roster. not sure what to do w this team now.