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  1. How would anyone conceivably be able to answer that for you? He himself doesn't know, it's his first game back!
  2. I'd probably drop Hayward if you don't think he will shake the rust off. The kid shows flashes of helping you in every category, and the fantasy community tends to not go hype crazy until it's too late and the savvy players have already snatched them off of the wire.
  3. Seeing this on opening night is what made me comfortable dropping Ricky Rubio for him, which got me a whole lot of crap at the time. It's looking a whole lot less crazy now.
  4. Just got Joel Embiid for my Ayton and Ingles I couldn't believe they bit
  5. I had a few people jump down my throat because I said I preferred grabbing Lavine around 60 than Jamal Murray at 40 So far my logic wasn't too off
  6. I worry about these flash in the pan games that makes everyone run to pick them up, just to end up dropping someone with better long-term value i.e all the people that rushed to pick up Boban, myself included.
  7. This guy is starting and only owned in 6% of leagues Ultimate sleeper
  8. He needs to get that PF eligibility, his coach has been on record saying that will be his position when Barnes is healthy
  9. That was also his first year, on a new team...and that 12/7 was a significant leap from his production as a rookie. There is a difference between 12/7 from someone like Gibson who has already shown us his ceiling, and 12/7 from a 2nd-year player still finding his identity
  10. Thanks for the feedback! My only rebuttal is the fact that sometimes the simplest approach can be the best approach. It can sometimes be difficult to keep the discipline to maintain the basic approach. I agree that most people with experience in auction drafts will likely have come to very similar conclusions themselves. I've tried stars and scrubs, I've also loaded my team with mid-round players, and from my personal experience, this approach has served me the best. I also wrote it from the perspective of "If I've never done an auction draft what information would I tell myself?", so I can see why it comes off like a strategy for noobs. Thank you guys as always, you're by far the best collection of fantasy experts I've found anywhere on the internet!
  11. So what you're saying is Buddy is on his way to being the GOAT?
  12. been targeting him and Jeremy Lamb with my last two picks in most drafts. They have high floors and incredibly high ceilings for how late they are going
  13. I think he is behind Jamychael and should be able to play next to Gasol.
  14. Just got both him and Ayton in a dynasty league I'm stupid excited