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  1. This dudes been crazy efficient but only 1 block in the last 5 games 😤
  2. Probably not by much, but I am surprised he is shooting better from 3 than 2
  3. How dare you question the lords ways, be gone vile man!
  4. Always a chance or JJJ or Val getting hurt, but he's been playing very well for a rookie so once the grizzlies record is atrocious he could see more play time towards the end of the year. Also you're in a 8 cat league so he has even less value when turnovers aren't a category, Depends how desperate you are for blocks.
  5. I mean his playtime is pretty predictable, I think I read somewhere he will get around 20 minutes every game and that's what has happened so far
  6. Stocks will probably drop, especially blocks, but could have a lot of career highs this year...
  7. Amazing, he is doing what I drafted Otto Porter to do (but even better) like 8 rounds later
  8. Who cares if his minutes per game are low, I'm a Lord believer even at 1 MPG
  9. Looks like the coach's plan is ~20 minutes per game
  10. Easy to find good streams through reddit, unless you mean due to timing.