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  1. Man with 9 lives. May have value all season.
  2. Hopefully, the game wouldn't have gotten so close if he was in.
  3. Take back what I said though I’m still scared he gets popped next game
  4. Back in the starting unit! make or break time he needs to prove himself!
  5. Sato owners how do you feel about him ROS with this Otto news? Seems like a probability that they may shut Otto down longer and with Dunn starting Sato seems to have his allotment of minutes.
  6. Fair. You own Sato, if I offered you Dejounte, you'd most likely take it? (assume Sato as a regular line of like 10-4-6-1-1.
  7. RJ Barrett is barely rosterable in 14 teams man. Open and shut case here.
  8. Yes I would do this, FVV is pretty good. Only thing that would be bad is if we get random news that Kyrie needs surgery and is out ROS.
  9. Not even close. I love Dame but even Dame and a 3rd rounder is not enough.
  10. Drop either JJ or THJ (streaky) for Huerter. Robinson is a 3s stream and Winslow and Dragic are still to return. Huerter is the defacto PG for the Hawks.
  11. A: Dejounte B: Sato 9 cat h2h 12 teams. who would you bank on ROS and why?