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  1. It's not even the points I am amazed at it's the fact he's improved his rebounding next to Sabonis and the block rate has come out of nowhere.
  2. Was trying to offload this guy for ANYTHING about 1.5 months ago and glad the owner of Capela and Holmes didn't bite. Now I own both Turner and Holmes with a bye week. Feels good.
  3. Yes but I have a bye this week so it’s a easy one. Hoping for good news soon but won’t hold my breath
  4. Hoping it’s a 1 week thing as I have a bye. Fingers crossed it’s just precaution/tanking.
  5. Any chance this guy stays a mid rounder with FVV and Gasol back?
  6. Don’t have insights but considering he started trailing off for about 2 weeks even without Holmes back, it’s concerning. i think you’d get better value streaming his spot, especially since it’s playoff time for most leagues. looks like an easy cut right now
  7. Sorry man, that’s a gut wrenching feeling.
  8. None, LM tools can’t do anything. Hoping they fix it by game lock tomorrow.
  9. ESPN neglecting fantasy ball again. Will be switching to yahoo from this point onwards. joke. this is going to have such great ramifications it’s not funny
  10. Someone’s upset they don’t own Clarke... joke. clarke was already trending in the right direction so this is awesome.
  11. Absolute monster game, second best behind his 11 3's 4 steals game.
  12. 1-2 weeks isn't too bad. today is the 13th so hopefully he only misses, if any: @NO 21/02 Det 23/02 maybe BOS 25/02 With the ASB, he will likely be doing NOTHING but healing up so let's hope he comes back closer to the 1 week mark.
  13. I need to see a proper cavs game with a healthy Love (and no the previous game was a ridonk blowout). Drafted him, dropped him and then grabbed him right before today's game so I am estatic, will hold for time being. Read somewhere he got a few SF minutes last game? if he can carve out 25 mins, it's a hold.
  14. Sorry boys, Holmes ain’t coming back this year. Save this post for later.