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  1. Yuck! Go with Fells and Renfrow. help:
  2. Thanks for your thoughts on mine. I would go with Jacobs and Moore. Good luck!
  3. I would roll with Big Mike! Good luck! help:
  4. Tough call,,but I would roll with Hebert. You just know he's gonna sling it! Good luck! help:
  5. I would go with Jacobs and Bernard. Good luck! help:
  6. I agree with Chippa on that moron Patrcia, but I think I would still roll with Gibson and Swift. Good luck! help:
  7. I would start Drake for sure! help:
  8. Guess I'm in the minority, but I would roll with Drake and Lamb. Good luck! help:
  9. I would roll with Moore. help:
  10. I say Herbert for sure!! help:
  11. Because of the matchups and the weather in Denver, I'm leaning towards starting Herbert instead of Mahomes. What do you think? Thanks, WHIR!
  12. Tough call, but I like Hardman. Good luck! help:
  13. I would roll with Hollywood! He is due for a big game and this could be it. { by the way, I'm starting him lol! ) help:
  14. I think you gotta start Lamb! Then Johnson and Clark. help: