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  1. LOL! Hilarious dude! Funniest post I've read in a long time! (By the way, I'm starting him as well)
  2. I'm in the same boat as you only worse...I need 12.3 points. Hoping he gets a TD and a few receptions. Good luck!
  3. Jones. I don't trust Driskel against the bears. help:
  4. Bears for sure! help:
  5. Allen. I would also keep an eye on Tannehill. help:
  6. Brown... I think AJ is going to have a good game today. help:
  7. I kinda like Tannehill today. help:
  8. Tough matchup, but I would go with DK. Good luck! help:
  9. Keep Drake. I guess you could drop Parker, but I kinda think Green is going to end up on IR. Bengals season is a wash. help:
  10. Which one of these 3 DST would you start? Thanks, WHIR! 49ers (on MNF) Lions Giants
  11. If you own the Bear DST, your golden. Their gonna have a field day!
  12. I live in the Metro- Detroit area and yes, he is not feeling well. His voice sounded like crap 2 days ago. Doesn't mean he wont be feeling better come Sunday though.
  13. I'd probably roll with Williams, but he's still a risky play. Everett for the other one.