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  1. To echo what has already been called out - this is a SELL HIGH moment. If you can somehow get a 2nd or even 3rd round proven/consistent player for him, you should trade him immediately. Will I trade him? No. Too much fun lol. WillI regret it? Maybe lol.
  2. Lol. Have both Jokic and Zion. Them fatboys gotta run.
  3. Man, I benched this guy today cause of the heavy schedule. Oh well. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come.
  4. It's a player development season at this point. So gotta develop Mahinmi real good.
  5. Out for today. Thankfully, it's a full schedule today, so probably won't hurt people too much. But hoping this doesn't turn into a lingering thing.
  6. For a long duration/sample size, yup. He can get hot during some weeks and post early round value. Equal likelihood of sucking for a few weeks and being outside the top-100.
  7. Jrue can play off the ball too. When Pels had Rondo and Jrue, both thrived. I think Lonzo is a solid top 80-100 play for 9-cat leagues for ROS.
  8. I agree with the 'if he doesn't play today, then something is fishy' idea. This is just weird at this point. Arguably one of the most durable players in the league just being in a limbo state doesn't make sense. Man, if he's trying to force his way out this early in a contract, that's cray.
  9. Just traded for this guy (gave up Trae Young) in a 9-cat h2h. Let’s keep that ride rolllling.
  10. And his combined 0.7 stls and blks don't help either. He's averaging a whopping 1.0 combined stls/blks/3s (in 32 mpg) over the past week while also hurting your FT%. In 9-cat, that is what gets you ranked as 134. Folks need to get over pop-corn stat trip-dubs thinking that's the secret to fantasy success. That's what makes you an amateur in Nba fantasy. Fultz ceiling for this season is around current-state Derrick Rose imo. Top-100 range.
  11. Guys, did I miss a memo or something? Fultz is ranked 134th in 9-cat over the last week. And that's despite having a trip-dub in there. If that's your definition of a 'Fultz breakout', good luck, buddy. Seriously.
  12. Flipped him in a package deal with LeVert to get Lonzo (9-cat H2H). There may be regrets, but let's see how it plays out.