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  1. So I’ve picked him up for 2 reasons: 1. To bolster my steals 2. For the Memphis 4-3-4 playoff schedule (in my league) Can’t complain tbh.
  2. So who's the pickup here between Brunson, Delon Wright and Seth Curry?
  3. Well, if you actually believe the other guy is going to accept the trade, then it's a no-brainer.
  4. If this is a 9-cat league, I'd be legitimately surprised if someone who owns Harden and Ayton would trade for Jokic and Middleton. Harden > Jokic, and Ayton > Middleton. Not only that, Middleton is a serious fantasy playoff rest candidate due to the bucks being so far ahead in the East.
  5. Likewise. I hear a lot of 'Whiteside's way better in fantasy, and not that good at real defense', but I was looking at some advanced metrics and they seem to suggest he's pretty good. Not sure if Portland should be trading Whiteside. And this is coming from someone stashing Nurkic.
  6. One game doesn't mean much tbh. Held him since drafting him, and legit considering dropping or trading him for whatever I can get. Despite yesterday's excellent game, he's been so bad for the last couple of weeks, that he's still ranked outside the Top-150 in 9-Cat (14 day avg).
  7. So, this FT% problem is gonna be a real thing, eh? I typically try to avoid punting FTs (my other bigs are Jokic, Collins and Bryant), but this guy’s going to make it hard not to punt. I’m hoping he can lift it to 65-70%. Anyone know what his FT% in college was?
  8. I think they’ll ‘Spurs’ it like Kawhi. His minutes will be in the 20~ range when folks are healthy. But in the playoffs, they slowly ramp it up. He helps them wins the title and becomes Finals MVP. I mean, that’s going to happen, right?
  9. Is Young really the add? I've picked him up (dropped Culver, for anyone curious), but I'm tempering my expectations. His minutes and performances have varied a lot, and I have to wonder how much they'll even push Young. Have to wonder if the coaching staff is even willing to play him 35 MPG consistently with all the injuries going on.
  10. To echo what has already been called out - this is a SELL HIGH moment. If you can somehow get a 2nd or even 3rd round proven/consistent player for him, you should trade him immediately. Will I trade him? No. Too much fun lol. WillI regret it? Maybe lol.
  11. Lol. Have both Jokic and Zion. Them fatboys gotta run.