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  1. What is everyone's feeling on White after Lonnie Walker IV's blow up last night?
  2. Very interested, I had him from last week so will hold to see what this looks like. This dude can put up fantasy #s.
  3. My hungry league picked up eveyone related to this already... I have Bembry from last week (streamer); do we think Bembry is a hold based on this news?
  4. think it is worth sending low ball offers to desperate owners?
  5. next set is a back to back... no chance he plays both of those... is he a drop? Only person with as many games on my waiver is Garret Temple
  6. Yeah I am planning on dropping, looks like minutes too inconsistent and his % are aweful; planning on dropping for PJ Tucker.
  7. Life long 'zards fan and DC native here.. this season seems much more about team playing badly as a unit than Porter himself, so many times team isn't making an extra pass etc... Effort is down across the board too. I like Otto's potential if you can afford to hold him, there is going to be a big trade here in DC I can feel it. But I think subparr production well into December is possible.
  8. someone dropped him in my league, BBM has him as top 50. Worth my #1 waiver? If he continues to get minutes will be a great source of STL, RB, ~block, these are things a Punt AST build craves.
  9. I just dropped Evan Turner for him (had Evan for the quality week and not for long term); I think it is a no brainer this situation could drag out and only way JO loses value is if they actually make a trade for a SG/SF in exchange.
  10. Yahoo just updated to Injured, slotting him into my IR slot and picking up <-flicks coin-> Cam Payne/N.Bjelica
  11. Darn!! I really want to drop him for McGruder (still on WW in my league).. What concerns me is he is averaging 24 mpg while last year he averaged 31-32 mpg last year. For a third or fourth string PG (in smaller leaguers), I am begining to wonder if he is worth a hold.
  12. Someone dropped him in my league... Question is he worth my #1 waiver claim?
  13. Denver's starting SG/SF till Barton is back? What do we think here?