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  1. Who you guys think is the best bet for the reds if Iglesias gets the hook'/?
  2. Piggy back off of Valdez?
  3. verlander news have any impact on him?
  4. Al cy young berrios NL Cy young Bauer Al mvp vlad NL MVP ketel Al roy Pearson Nl roy Carlson Hr champ reyes Saves leader nerris Runs leader Hernandez Hits leader albies Most wins Bauer
  5. Day off today. Astros only scored 1 run. Lfg
  6. The guy in first has it locked up. 125k for 1rst 2nd 35k. 3rd 25k. He's up by 2.5 points. My story, Turner and Chavez vs his Nolan, muncy and davis
  7. Owner League Venue / Draft Draft Pos Batting Pitching Overall Chg 1 JP CHI John Pausma Main Event #458 Chicago - 3/17 12 PM CT 2 2,410.5 2,130.5 4,541.0 47.5 2 Libros Bradley Libros Main Event #640 Online - 3/27 7 PM ET 3 2,300.5 2,177.0 4,477.5 33.0 3 mitseff jeff mitseff Main Event #643 Online - 3/27 8 PM ET 10 2,247.5 2,227.5 4,475.0 12.0 4 LA Dogos nickolaus sackett Main Event #575 Online - 3/24 1 PM ET 4 2,413.5 1,967.0
  8. Had a shot in the nfbc main. But Harper, Ramirez and Albies 6/61 week sealed my fate for 3rd overall. Sigh. Went from 40% chance of winning to 5%
  9. It is roto and our trade deadline is the 21rst I was offered Billy and a closer 4 my Harper 5 days ago I always snap reject offers that I do not want But I could use a closer and Billy's speed almost surely locks me up the top spot. I was 50/50 on the deal. If I was going to do it I wanted to pull the trigger after the weekly lineups for next week after first game on Monday so that I would have him for last 6 weeks. I pulled the trigger. Thoughts?
  10. I had him in 6 out of 7 leauges...sigh...including the 1600 main event
  11. 1600 nfbc.................down the drain