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  1. I think you should split the pot among all teams that are still in playoff contention.
  2. People who are treating the coronavirus as if it's the seasonal flu are laughably uninformed.
  3. Thanks for the input. I would most likely being punting fg%/to so I would probably pair them with big men who don't derive a lot of value from their fg% (Lauri, Porzingis, JJJ, Love). I don't normally like punting so early, but I feel like the turn this year is rather difficult and that punting early might be in play. I am in 10 man league rather than a 12 so most if not all those guys I listed are around when I draft again.
  4. Can someone talk me out of drafting trae/doncic at the turn in a 10 man h2h 9 cat league? While on a per game value I expect players like Irving, Kawhi, and Beal to outperform Trae/Doncic , the risk associated with those players seems to be significant both in terms of injury and load management. The risk seems to be even more magnified when you're talking about taking two of those players at the turn this year. Obviously if someone like Lillard drops I would be taking him, but absent that I find it hard to justify taking on significant risk with my first two picks when high upside/low load management players are available.
  5. not sure what that is supposed to mean, but it probably depends on what you need more. I would would prefer moe if I was targeting stocks
  6. Lowry only plays 3 times next week which is a small bonus if you are considering dropping him.
  7. Anybody else considering dropping him if he doesn't play today?