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  1. Im leaning towards Ayton a little bit more. DDR is great too but Pop is not a fantasy friendly coach and there's a chance DDR gets lower mins especially if the spurs fall off the playoff race. It also depends on what stats you need and what your h2h strategy is. Help please?
  2. Dont drop Huerter. I'd say it's a toss up between THJ because of Mavs' depth at the wing and Carlile's inconsistent rotation, and Morris because of diminished usage at his new team. Help please?
  3. Kyrie has higher ceiling for sure. Injury/shutdown is the risk but Kyrie can win you the league like the previous poster has said. Ball is solid but he's not as much as a game changer. Help please?
  4. Neither would make or break your league but Im leaning towards miles a little bit more due to more consistent playing time. Also depends on what stats you need. Miles for points and 3s/rebounds, Mikal for steals. Help please?
  5. Depends on your h2h strategy. I would take Spicy P even though Wiggins' gonna eat on the gsw roster, his %s can be inconsistent from time to time. Spicy P doesnt hurt you there. Help please? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/800324-jokic-trade-help-whir/
  6. Yahoo Fantasy League 14 teams / 9-cat Std Roto / Daily PG Jamal Murray SG Gordon Hayward G J.Richardson SF Miles Bridges PF Jokic F Caris Levert C Ayton C Whiteside Utl Elf Payton Utl D Rose Bench: KPJ, Terence Davis, Napier
  7. I have 3 good centers and need some forwards (points, 3s, stls) I was offered His Kemba and RoCo for my Jokic. Im inclining on taking it since I still have Whiteside and Ayton. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. IMO, if you are punting assists, I’d accept that trade. Ayton is getting into a groove, seems to be getting the peripherals too (blocks). Help please?
  9. If you are optimistic about Beal getting healthy and plays out ROS then I would give Collins as kind of buying low. But I do worry about a Beal shutdown as mentioned by MarcoPolo above. So it really comes down to how do you like the chances of this gamble. Help please?
  10. I own Ayton and was offered a 1 for 1 trade for either Devin Booker of Zach Lavine. I was looking to improve my SG stats anyway (points, 3s) Lavine has been in the top 10 for 9 cat roto leagues. Booker has better %s. Who would you take if at all? Thank you! Yahoo Standard 9-cat Roto League (14 teamer, daily): PG Jamal Murray SG Marcus Smart G J. Richardson SF Gordon Hayward PF Jokic F Tucker C Whiteside C Ayton Util Elf Payton Util Melton Bench Garland, Bruce Brown, Damion Lee
  11. Thank you for chipping in on mine. Top 6 (Harden) + 46 (DJ) + outside top 100 (Ingram) for 23 (Lowry) + 33 (Harrell) + 40 (J-rich) Yeah, I agree with kev777zero. The other guys probably veto-ed your trade because Harden is one of the highest profile fantasy stars, the fact that Lowry is underperforming (should be ~top 15) and Harrell's outstanding performance being unsustainable (in their eyes - I would like to believe Harrell can keep it going though lol Top 50 would be nice). I don't think the trade is veto-able but you definitely win in this trade. Also, I'm sure you can find better options than Ingram (his game is just not that fantasy friendly - low efficiency, lack of peripheral stats) on the wire given your league size is 12. If your trade partner really wants Harrell, then, as others suggested, try to do 2 separate trades.
  12. I would drop RHJ and keep Isaac (higher upside). I dropped RHJ in my league as well
  13. Man, I would pull the trigger asap... Mikal Bridges and Danny Green are solid 10/12 teamers. Also you have John Collins!!! How did you get all these good players in a 12 team league? KAT and AD? Man did your opponents sleep on draft day lol Curry + AD + KAT? Amen to your opponents