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  1. Can any of you guys like me to their league? I had it earlier in the season I think but cant find it
  2. This is one of my pet peeves. UGH. Makes them look so dirty and cheap and their advice stupid and sophomoric. I mean they get PAID to do this for a living and they provide us with tabloid-like quality of news with grammatical mistakes more consistent than their advice. Sorry but this is so true; I live in an Asian country and even my university's school paper writes more professionally than they do. I understand they have to rush these blurbs everyday but man some of their mistakes can be prevented by simple spell and grammar check in Word! Anyways, I always think that I can do a better job so if any of you reading this are from Rotoworld --- hello I'm available.
  3. This is because on the RW website you get an unfiltered stream of player news, unlike Twitter where you have player news mixed with other NBA reports and commentary, and mixed with your general feed of selfies and food pics from friends. And in terms of the RW blurbs on the fantasy page itself, it's just more convenient to access the latest news of your player directly from the list itself and not having to go through twitter/RW website. This makes RW blurbs useful overall, not so much the advice sometimes but the easiness and accessibility of the latest player news. Btw I've been meaning to start a Twitterverse topic thread. I'll make one later or tomorrow. I agree that Twitter is very important that I have myself created a separate secondary Twitter account just for NBA/fantasy basketball.
  4. Just a bad error, but it became laughable when they literally tell us we read it correctly. For those wondering, he was really 19-33. LOL mo Williams made shots he DIDNT EVEN TAKE. That's how he got to 50+ lol
  5. Hey, have you heard of Hoops Active? It's a great new Basketball Forum! Here's the link if you want to sign up: