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  1. Wood imo but Doumbouya is still worth owning in deeper leagues.
  2. Anyone know why he hasn't gotten inj tag on Yahoo? I still think he's a hold in 12+ teams.
  3. Who did you drop him for? I would not be dropping Bledsoe in any circumstance.
  4. I'm holding. Just gotta stream aggressively for the next 8 weeks. 🙃
  5. The amount of shots he has taken is encouraging he also has 2 steals which is great to see. Definitely looks like a pick up where available with Zion potentially missing the season.
  6. Tonight's game was good. I am going to pick him up as assist are scarce this session.
  7. I have a feeling there will be a lot of unhappy vuc owners this season.
  8. Traded Away RWB for Booker in one of my leagues. For anyone concerned about rwb just take a look at the rockets coach. He's in for a big year.
  9. It's probably the least popular scoring format for fantasy.
  10. Should be set up for a monster year question is how many game will he play.
  11. Anyone drop or dropping this guy get? He has still been serviceable.