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  1. How are we feeling about AP coming out of the bye?
  2. How are we liking Gore with Le'Veon's release?
  3. You have made my day better. Thank you for clarifying
  4. How do we feel about Jeudy with Bortles?? I dont feel good about it at all
  5. Not to bad at all. I would be keeping an eye out for other QB's just in case Cam struggles and watching for any RB's you can get your hands on. You are loaded at WR which should hold you over fine.
  6. (Post your link. WHIR!!) 12 Team, Half PPR Just finished my draft and looking to upgrade my WR's by sending David Johnson and Christian Kirk for Allen Robinson. Would you make this trade or would you go for something else? Both of our teams posted below. My Line-Up: Deshaun Watson, JuJu, Michael Gallup, Josh Jacobs, Chris Carson, Evan Engram, David Johnson, David Montgomery, Christian Kirk, Curtis Samuel, Marlon Mack, Chris Thompson His Line-Up: M Ryan, Michael Thomas, AR15, Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, D Swift, A.J. Green, T. Coleman, S. Michel, B. Aiyuk, Cam Newton
  7. Are we feeling good about Freeman against the Jags today? [...]
  8. I am grateful for my 1st round bye. Feeling good about him for 15 and 16 as well.
  9. I hope not my friend. I do agree with you. I just always get nervous when a new OC comes lol
  10. Arians: No carries for Ronald Jones if he 'can’t protect the quarterback’ - Anyone grabbing Barber for the playoffs? He got 17 touches for only 44 yards but 2 TDs.
  11. Still the same OC who is also likely to be the interm HC. I think CMC will be safe. Ive been wrong a lot this season tho hahaha
  12. Tough pick between Stafford and Jones. Jones has the juicy matchup and I expect him to ball. But I am still leaning Stafford. He is hot and the bears D is not as great as they were last year. Also Trubiskiy consistently puts them in bad field position which is good for Stafford. Lastly, that Stafford - Golladay connection is real!! Help with mine??
  13. I want OBJ to get going but i would definitely flex Bell in his place. Other than that your line up is spot on. OBJ is too much of a risk, especially if every point matters for you right now. Help with mine?
  14. I like Winston more this week. Cardinals D is simply not good. Pat Pete just got toasted last week. Evans and Godwin will feast. Murray has been a roller coaster last few weeks. Help with mine?