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  1. My deal is I'm in a keeper auction league. Last year, I got PG for 39$ - a legit steal for the season he had. This year his value has increased to 42$ and with all of the concerns regarding him missed time and shoulder surgeries, I just really don't know if he's worth it. I'm leaning towards keeping him because I'm it's a H2H league and the rest of my keepers are stacked (and with good value too, won the league last season). I'm thinking slot PG into IR, stream that position, and try to nail some cheap picks in my draft. I also had the thought that I could drop him and try to redraft him for less money (we went from a 12 man league to a 10 man, so his value is inherently lower), but I don't have a ton of room to work with budget-wise and I really don't want to get into a bidding war over someone with so many question marks. Mainly, if I dropped him, I just can't see myself finding equal or even close to the same value anywhere else in the draft at the SF position. It's a top heavy position as is, and PG really hit the sweet spot on value for me last year. I think bottom line is that he should generally be avoided if possible because there are so many red flags, but in certain scenarios I could see him having elite value as always. Fingers crossed that these ten games missed ARE the extra step needed to get him in shape, and he transitions smoothly back into being a stud.
  2. 🙏 May the Lord bless you and keep you (in 1st place). 🙏
  3. Embiid is carrying me so hard right now. 3 out of his last 5 games he's had AT LEAST 39/13/2 blks Thank you, you Cameroonian monster.
  4. As a Grizzlies fan let me tell you that playing Jeff Green is pretty much always a net negative. Even when he plays well, that just buys him more minutes, which of course is bad. Regardless of the flow of the game, having Porter on the bench in the fourth is just a bad look in so many ways.
  5. lol John Wall acting like he hits a game winner by cutting the lead to 1 with 3 minutes left, Orlando proceeds to go on a 5-0 run
  6. Why is Brooks playing Oubre and Jeff Green in the fourth quarter of a close game??
  7. Doc keeps this guy chained to the bench for the rest of the league's sake. Literal chains.
  8. Just in case you guys forgot what the guy who's been winning your fantasy matchups for you looks like. Oh wait you have Robert Covington as your phone background too? You keep a hand-snipped photo of him that you scrawled "Lord Covington" in tiny print 36 times on the back of in your wallet TOO?
  9. Scott Brooks is favoring Jeff Green and Kelly Oubre over this guy. Playing Jeff Green in rotation minutes should be grounds for termination. Misusing a jack-of-all-trades, team-first type guy like Porter to me just screams bad coaching and management. Wall and Beal aren't going out of their way to get him the ball either. Great write up about what has changed with the Wiz from last season: He might be having an inefficient start to the season, but he's still capable of being the fantasy asset that we all signed up for. Unfortunately for us and him it will take more than just his shot falling again.
  10. Really hope we find out at some point what actually happened to the kid. Bizarre that they've released literally no information about it.