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  1. glad to see I'm not alone... team Kyrie, OPJ, Bryant, Looney here. I think its gonna be min 6 weeks, and as someone said he will be in a boot, so will lose conditioning..add the fact he is a big guy and christmas is in front of us...he will need time to get in shape.
  2. Well, got Norm on draft night, than sent him to drop city after the first two games, just to pick him up again when Lowry got injured. And now I droped him one more time, minutes before yesterdays game when they said Lowry is gonna start without min restriction. Of course, immediately regert it when saw the score. I deceided to let him go based on his games before Lowrys injury, when he was not a 150 guy even with 25 minutes as said sixth man. IMO he is not that good as he is shooting latly, first games as replacment in the start 5 were also awful, now just on a hot streak. But def would ride him till his next bad game
  3. also dropped kyle anderson for monk. no regrets, at the beginning of the season imo most important to get scorers from the waiver wire. Points are very hard to find later on, while u always can grab a one column specialst (like steals, only thing where kyle anderson is really great)
  4. 14/7 with 1/1 stl blk are numbers I would take at my draft, five weeks into season they look like silver linings. He probably won't get there, cause even if Doc decides to play him, his usg and minutes will soon be limited by Gallo. But Clippers have no depth, there will be minutes and Dekker has shown he is able to play solid in the nba.
  5. Jimmy and Kemba are the only from your list a would perhaps consider. And Kemba would be an option only if i become two levels more desperate than now.
  6. Dunno what numbers you re looking at. He's ranked 85th this year, even with his shots not falling. His fg% was never above .45 (usually around .41), so you had to know about this before you drafted him.
  7. I saw you trollin in some other threads, now here. Pls stop it.
  8. No matter how his season goes from here on, but this thread should be in the dictionary next to the term "overreacting fantasy owners".
  9. Spent my waiver for Zeller few days ago, but droped Cody (classic numbers, but clearly behind Dwight w 20min/game) and picked Crowder (streamer spot, 15player 1IR league) today. Thing is, Crowder is at his min at moment, hit the floor so hard there is no way he could be more worse. . Of course, noone is expecting his Boston again, but guy had top50 numbers last two years, and is at least gonna have a bump on his minutes with Thompson gone for 4 weeks. 12 points with two3s every night and a prayer that he we ll be able to manage his ugly % (He was >.44 fg, > .81 ft the last two years, just turned 27y) is what I hope for. His actuals numbers are a real mess but think I can stomach them till he rolls on. And the cavs are awful and need to change sth (but they got Bron and Lue, the two coaches who dont have an idea about coaching. And Crowder been the type pf player who needs a good coach.)
  10. u acting like girls (and i say this in my native slavic ivan drago voice) the point here is, it depends where you did draft him and what you expect from him. i took him 106 (between Dieng and Saric btw). He is now ranked 304th. Do I think he can be a Top100 player? Hell, yes! Come on, who else's gonna score the points for NY? Coutney Lee? They are payin him a lot of money to take 15 shots every night. He was .45% last season, .43& the year before. Its all about numbers, do your math. And dont panic with 79 games to come
  11. Well, he has Bud, who spent 18 seasons with the Spurs (but true point here) I took Dedmond at 140 at the end of my draft, than watched Hawks first preaseson game. He started with the few other players on Atlanta's team who can play some defense, so this could be a good sign in case of his foul trouble as he will get some support (Collins came from the bench and played with Bellinelli and Muscala, so he was pretty much alone under the rim). They run some pnr through Dedmond, so he will be good for some easy points, and its obvious he is their best option to defend the rim so I'm sure they want to have him on the court most time and specially at the end of the game. Guess in the long term it could add up to 25min a game, so you get something like 9p,10r,1.5bl . Like Dieng with bad ft%, so if you need a big man with one of your last pick, I would not worry picking Dedmond.