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  1. I want to believe, but Reid is holding him back. McCoy has been excellent on a per touch basis, he just can not get the workload. Even with all these injuries I fully expect this to remain a 3 committee backfield. So frustrating.
  2. Would they give him a full workload? He for sure won't be out there on passing downs (pass blocking/catching is basically impossible with a broken hand).
  3. If NE gets down by 2 scores they will abandon the run & Sony won't see the field for a single snap.
  4. Weakest waiver wire in my entire career of playing fantasy football. Fewest major injuries I can ever remember too. Of course there is a direct connection there.
  5. Good to see he's healthy. 20+ mph winds expected for his game though. I don't like that, but if it helps Mahomes throw an extra 15 yards downfield it might even help.
  6. He said McCoy wasn't in the protocol, but he obviously did get hurt. Not sure what the injury was, but whatever it was could keep him out this week as well.
  7. I think Darrel is the 3rd down, COP back. Damian is the starting RB & Shady is his backup.
  8. Yup, looks like Damian will at least be out 2 weeks if they are bringing somebody in. I'd say that makes McCoy a pretty good start.
  9. I agree, but something seems off with him. It just doesn't look like he is running as hard as the other guys.
  10. The Damian Williams situation is weird. Not a single update an entire week later. Did he break ribs?
  11. Probably couldve played, but that field was so garbage they knew he could have easily made it worse.