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  1. This is already turning in to a circus. The chiefs should be smart enough to avoid this drama.
  2. Lol, and he'd be getting paid from the Jets & The Dolphins. Bell obviously only cares about money, lets be real.
  3. Feel like my fantasy season is completely in the hands of Leveon Bell. It sucks but here we are. Looks like vegas odds make it seem like the Chiefs aren't a true contendor? That's my only hope at the moment.
  4. Good reference. Only difference I'd say is one of those RBs plays for a coach & system that is arguably one of the best systems for RBs, and other RB plays for a coach & system that arguably one of the worst systems for RBs. I think Rojo is a pretty good RB also, so I wouldn't say that PFF grades are somehow faulty based on that comparison.
  5. You will rarely if ever see KC line up in a traditional heavy goal line formation.
  6. Houston also had both Stills & Fuller who are the field stretchers so wasn't much use to send Hopkins deep.
  7. I want to believe, but Reid is holding him back. McCoy has been excellent on a per touch basis, he just can not get the workload. Even with all these injuries I fully expect this to remain a 3 committee backfield. So frustrating.
  8. Would they give him a full workload? He for sure won't be out there on passing downs (pass blocking/catching is basically impossible with a broken hand).