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  1. Does this guy have any kind of dynasty value?
  2. Hi all, we're looking for an experienced manager to take over a team in our league. The league is a standard 9-cat H2H yahoo league, with 14 teams. It has been running since 2014, and most owners are from these forums. We keep 5 players every year and have 2 offline drafts: an expansion draft, and a rookie draft. We have implemented anti-tanking rules over the years, and we use FAAB system. Team's current keepers are: Kyrie, Vucevic, Tobias, Lavine, Covington Let me know if you're interested
  3. Complete garbage over the last 6 games. Time to move on?
  4. Didn't he start slow last year too? I remember there was a strecth around november/december where he was pretty bad.. The only thing that really bothers me is his lack of rebounding. He gets less rebounds than Tatum and Barton for my roto team!
  5. Otto, LMA, Nance, Sexton, BogBog.. My team shot 15/52. At least I sat Coby out, would have been 15/58
  6. Drafted Steph PG Ayton in one league. Traded Bam for Bagley in a keeper, when I could have traded Draymond instead. I'm out.
  7. Mikal Bridges Derrick White Dewayne Dedmon Terrence Ross All my latest picks where supposed to be top100 targets (picked from 9 to 12 in a 14 teamer). They are top 5 garbage trash can
  8. He's 9/11 from the line in the last 4 games, he can improve
  9. Activate him from IR or not? he definitely won't play tomorrow in the back to back
  10. I'm never going to listen to Josh Lloyd of BBM again. I passed up on TJ Warren, I rejected a Vucevic trade and I didn't keep Nurkic and Lavine as keepers all because of him. He was constantly trashing all those players. Now Nurk is having a better season than pretty much everyone on my roster, and Vucevic is a 1st rounder. FML
  11. Best pick: Gallo (got him twice at 116 and 133), JaVale (got him for minimum salary in a contract league) Worst pick: Ingram at #85 Trades: N/A Best add: Marcus Morris, Sabonis Drop I regret: Siakam, on Oct 20th, in a roto league where I badly needed a PF and you can stash 3 players on the bench...
  12. He just can't hit a shot right now.. 39% from the field and 69% from the line, and he's still taking almost 15 shots per game. With average shooting (45 & 80, but he proved he can do 49 & 89 like last year) he would be getting closer to 17-18ppg, with 5 reb and 5.5 ast There are certainly some reasons for concern, but y'all overreacting. This reminds me of the Lowry thread from last year, he was shooting 37% and people were panicking, as soon as he got back to average shooting he became a top 25 player again