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  1. Who is better ROS? . I am having headaches with 3 in my lineup(draymond, bryant and murray)
  2. I gues melton is better and almost giving the same stats
  3. Literaly killed man FG% when i grab him lol
  4. Dont also forget Dedmons contract and is barely playing lol
  5. There's no connection with Mccolum and Ariza's minutes. Even when Mccolum was there, Bazemore still getting 30+ mins each night/
  6. I feel you man. You having hard time losing Isaac or still doing good?
  7. Is it me or Ariza is losing a step or 2. Look slow there!
  8. Yeah. I guess he is better than Thom Bryant. Problem is Celts is looking for a big man by trade
  9. same thing last year. Looks like he just played at the beginning of season because Mahinmi was injured 😥
  10. Maybe I will just drop melton for now for ross. I cant see the minutes going up