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  1. this is hard. but i would get JJ and cam. i would drop rui.
  2. 4 3 3 and 3 3 4 is just almost the same. haha
  3. Would you drop favors for WCj?
  4. if grade I strain that will be the case.
  5. he's just on fire right now. He will come back to earth soon. But still happy for him.
  6. traded Rose for him straight up. And now Rose was dropped.
  7. Leading 0.37% FG and this guy is killing me now.
  8. and he helps me lose the FT%. 1 game he is good with FT then the next game going trash. Guess I'll be punting it now!
  9. Sometimes I'm questioning what is Pop is doing. They are leading and on a run with he is in the lineup then got bench and boom they lose!
  10. This answers why he is doing good lately.
  11. Early INJ tag. What does it mean? The ironman gets injured after all. Played 29 mins in all star but cant play important regular season games
  12. Is he injured or something? Didnt play the whole 4th quarter.