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  1. This is a guy we most likely picked up off waivers. Whether he ends up as a WR1, or a WR2/3, or gets suspended again, or throws the team into disarray... Let's all enjoy the ride. It's the beauty of fantasy football.
  2. Just swapped Claypool out of my lineup for this cat. Philly's locked and loaded WR1. MT comparisons. Target hog. Let's go.
  3. Probably for really really shallow leagues. I'm in a 10man and I'm rolling Henry/Robinson/Conner/Mattison over him this week in my 2RB and Flex spots.
  4. Definitely not positive considering what he did to many owners last year....
  5. Finally a hype train on RW that's worked out....
  6. Big oof. Not a great start and this is coming from someone who had high hopes on him. Thankfully I drafted Mostert as insurance..
  7. I'm struggling between who I want more between him and Fant. For Fant, he's an athletic freak, Broncos run a less run-heavy offense with a new OC Shurmur that focuses on finding mismatches for the TEs. However there's little sample size on his connection with Lock, it doesn't look very appealing, and there's more competition for targets. For Jonnu, he steps into the role vacated by Delanie Walker, is an athletic freak just like Fant, is extremely efficient with his touches, and has lesser competition for targets. However, the Titans run a more run-heavy offense.
  8. Ok maybe I’m getting a little too caught up on the hype train but why do I feel he has a chance to run away with the job unlike the RBBC some are speculating will happen? Understand he has a bad Oline and the team is bad and all but Fournette was getting drafted in the 3rd/4th with a guaranteed workload, who’s to say this guy won’t be the man judging by what the team has said and done with him. I’m all for holding handcuffs (even other people’s handcuffs) over RB3/flex types especially when you’re set at the RB position but man... would it hurt to miss out if the guy does work.
  9. Depends if you’ve got guaranteed starters at RB. A high quality handcuff is more likely to walk into your lineup in that case when it pans out.
  10. Have shares of him in all my leagues save for my main one and kinda regret it. 7th round after going 4RBs and 2WRs (AJB/Terry) and it was between him and Mostert - I went Mostert due to the lack of RB backup depth in the later rounds. WR is deep this year. With that said, man’s going to feast. Believe in the talent.
  11. Steady, efficient and reliable, and the lead back on one of the NFL's most potent run-first offenses with an established connection to Lamar. I'll take that any day at the 4th round ADP he's listed on Sleeper. He's honestly my favourite RB after the 3rd tier of Bell, Gurley, DJ etc, over guys like JT and Hunt. Slept on every year due to various concerns (remember Justice Hill?), yet always finds a way to produce.
  12. All the information I’ve read about UCL sprains and previous UCL injuries on NBA players suggest it’ll be nothing less than a multi-week absence. I’m dropping to stream for playoffs
  13. Yeah. Currently have one last add and I’ll see if any surprise stud to replace KAT emerges by Monday, if not then I‘ll drop to stream b2bs for the entire playoffs. Can’t drop Cam Johnson or whoever now - I only have 4 adds a week, which makes multiple streaming spots tough. I can only support 1 tbh. With Fournier on my IL I hope I can ride it out with Aldridge still injured on my active roster. Can’t believe I’m actually about to drop KAT...
  14. I do. KAT was occupying it but it looks like he’s the surest bet to not play the entire week 21-23 playoffs. Swapped Fournier for him and now he’s just sitting there ready to be dropped