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  1. From what I saw they played Powell in the SG spot while playing Lowry and FVV at PG. Once FVV gets up to his full minutes Powell should play about 24 minutes minimum assuming both play 36 each. Closing out games may be matchup-based I feel. Doesnt matter though because he looks really aggressive out there and can produce even in a 25 minute role.
  2. Huh, didn’t know he was ranked #83 over the last 2 months (#61 if punting AST). Only 39% owned in Yahoo for some weird reason, guess people are afraid of his reputation as a chucker. Over this 2 month span (all starts) he’s averaging 16.5/3.3/1.8 with 3 threes and 0.9 steals on 46.9% shooting - perfectly rosterable. Some duds may come on the way but I find that he always bounces back the next game - he’s definitely finding some consistency in a lessened role with wide open looks given by Luka.
  3. Thanks for your help on mine. I’d go Fultz for Norm IMO. Unless you’re punting 3s Fultz has lesser value.
  4. Who would you rather have in a 14t 9cat league?
  5. On fire. Has shown consistency for a while now - doesn’t seem like that much of a FG% drain. Settling into his role as a spot up shooter and growing more comfortable.
  6. Starting to really make me regret dropping him for Spellman. Had qualms about his ROS value once FVV comes back but it looks like he doesn’t need to start to have value...
  7. I really don’t see how they get out of this if he doesn’t play tonight. They’ve gone on record saying the knee isn’t an issue anymore, so it’s the illness. But they’ve also taken illness off the injury report, which should mean he’s over that already. Like man, other than straight up lying, what other reason could there be for him to not play?
  8. Nothing changes IMO. At least you can rest easy knowing his role is secure now.
  9. Funny how this guy is quickly becoming my most droppable player in a 14t. Actually he has been for a while, but I may have just deluded myself considering how much he teases me with his lines - and the fact I spent a 7th rounder on him.
  10. lol. Back to where we were again before the two monster games. You would think that if he’s that sure of a ‘league winner’ he would be more consistent for starters.
  11. Just when I thought Casey finally figured it out....
  12. Patience, fellas. I’ve learned to let go of expectations whenever the Q tag is given to him but it sounds like the return is nearing.
  13. DMC put up 12.4 FGA as the fourth option on offense last year behind a healthy Curry, KD, and Klay. Now Omari only has Curry and D’Lo to deal with - Lee to a certain extent as well, but he doesn’t need much usage. Not saying Omari is DMC but Kerr will find ways to involve him in the offense somehow. They want his spacing in the lineup.
  14. Yes. They have no reason to rush back Curry, they are going to rest their stars for even the smallest ailment. Might see him starting at the 3 over GRIII but not sure if his size allows for it. This season is simply to try things out and let players audition for next year.