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  1. All the information I’ve read about UCL sprains and previous UCL injuries on NBA players suggest it’ll be nothing less than a multi-week absence. I’m dropping to stream for playoffs
  2. Yeah. Currently have one last add and I’ll see if any surprise stud to replace KAT emerges by Monday, if not then I‘ll drop to stream b2bs for the entire playoffs. Can’t drop Cam Johnson or whoever now - I only have 4 adds a week, which makes multiple streaming spots tough. I can only support 1 tbh. With Fournier on my IL I hope I can ride it out with Aldridge still injured on my active roster. Can’t believe I’m actually about to drop KAT...
  3. I do. KAT was occupying it but it looks like he’s the surest bet to not play the entire week 21-23 playoffs. Swapped Fournier for him and now he’s just sitting there ready to be dropped
  4. 14t 9cat h2h. Punting assists. playoffs start next week. Players injured are KAT, LMA, Fournier, Marc Gasol. Currently KAT is out for the next 2 weeks. LMA and Fournier out for the foreseeable future. Gasol should be returning soon but idk. Have 1 acquisition left this week. I usually have 4 adds per week. Do I drop one for a streamer, or just drop all for a healthy body and convert one to a stream spot? I don’t know what to do anymore.
  5. Ayton might come back any day now so enjoy it while it lasts.
  6. I’m done with this. Somehow managed to have KAT, AD, Steph, Collins, LMA, Holmes, RoCo in a 14t and because of injuries I’m most likely going to lose unless I desperately cut LMA, Fournier, and KAT. seriously I’ve stockpiled all these assets and the fantasy gods still hate me.
  7. Cut if playoffs start next week? f--- me I cant believe I’m about to lose it. KAT, Aldridge, Fournier. f--- me. i ******** traded Kawhi and Adams for him knowing I’ll get guaranteed production for playoffs. And now this happens.
  8. Had been a complete beast recently putting up steals for days. Now could be out for an ‘extended period of time’ with an elbow sprain. What are we doing with him, owners? Sounds like a drop if playoffs begin next week with IL occupied/no IL? Currently have KAT in mine and it’s looking like I have no choice..
  9. 14t punting assists. Start of playoffs is next week. Trying to decide which of my end of bench guys are holds ROS. End of bench guys on my team are: Marc Gasol - a beast when healthy, questionable for yesterday's game, chances are he may come back for playoffs, chances he won't. Has one more game left in the week. 2 games next week. Cam Johnson - very promising last game, could be a free Kelly Oubre-lite picked off waivers if all things turn out well for him. 2 games next week. Dewayne Dedmon - Capela may be out for fantasy playoffs, can put up some solid numbers when starting. 3 games next week. Could throw in Coby White as well, but I think he's more than an end of bench dude at this point. Who do I drop for a streamer?
  10. I'm going to see how he does on Sunday if he does play before deciding if I really need him. What's most important will be his usage. I'm just hoping that the previous game is the Suns realising they need someone to fill that KOJ-sized hole on offense - Mikal can't do it, Saric can't do it, and with Cam, I think they've found their guy. Helps that he's their lottery pick as well, so they're going to give him reps as the season winds down.
  11. Drafted. 1. (1) Anthony Davis (LAL - PF,C) 2. (28) Clint Capela (Atl - PF,C) 3. (29) LaMarcus Aldridge (SA - PF,C) 4. (56) Robert Covington (Hou - SF,PF,C) 5. (57) Buddy Hield (Sac - SG) 6. (84) Dewayne Dedmon (Atl - C) 7. (85) Miles Bridges (Cha - SF,PF) 8. (112) Zach Collins (Por - PF,C) 9. (113) Delon Wright (Dal - PG,SG) 10. (140) Dwight Powell (Dal - PF,C) 11. (141) Kevin Huerter (Atl - SG,SF) 12. (168) Patrick Beverley (LAC - PG,SG) 13. (169) Troy Brown Jr. (Was - SG,SF) Current: AD, Steph, LMA, John Collins, RoCo, Holmes, Chriss, Coby White, Fournier, Huerter, Dedmon, Jerami Grant, Cam Johnson. KAT in IL. Literally 4/13 of my players drafted. My last 8 picks save for Huerter have all been dropped.
  12. Not sure what more you guys are expecting. Literally his first game played with zero practice with the team, not knowing the plays, and still puts up 10 points in 9 minutes. Not an auto must-add as of right now IMO but still very promising.