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  1. It’s Mitchell Robinson not Donovan Mitchell.
  2. I’m in a 10 team 9 cat league. It’s double doubles instead of turnovers though
  3. Oh are you on mobile? I thought it was showing up in my signature, but here's my team: Guards: Russel Westbrook, Kyle Lowery, Victor Oladipo (IR), Josh Hart, IT2, Lou Williams Fowards: Draymond Green, OG Anunoby, Caris Levert, Marvin Bagley, Jaylen Brown Center: KAT, Nikola Vucevic
  4. Who should I drop for him? I feel like a lot of people on this forum are dropping IT2 but I feel like if he does breakout again he would be more valuable than a short time investment like Josh Hart. Your thoughts?
  5. For some reason someone dropped Jonathan before his huge game last night and I feel like I'm not going to use my bidding money on anyone anyways so should I spend it all on him to make sure I get him? I feel like it'll be a lock for me on steals and blocks if I get him. Thoughts? I'll still be able to pick up guys but I wont be able to put money on anyone to make sure I get them when they clear waivers.
  6. You got any suggestions on who I should trade and what my targets should be?
  7. Thank you for the advice! And wow, you're definitely right. I don't think I will do well in any of the percentages. I'll just have to pray for good FG% each week and that no one misses a lot of free throws.
  8. I would 100% do the first trade. Don't make trades too big. Just settle for the ole 2 for 1 and get a player like Gobert. Heres mine if you'd like to help!
  9. I could be biased since I'm an Orlando fan and I drafted Vucevic myself, but yeah I definitely like him the other two. Vucevic gives you everything and he's the main scoring and rebound option on the team. He doesn't hurt you anywhere and gives you everything in return. Heres link to my post if you wanted to help out!
  10. I really like your core players. I'm not sure exactly where you are going to excel at. I dont see any domination in one category with your player setup, but I think you'll be very good overall and a tough matchup for anyone in your league. Just keep a lookout on the waiver wire in the coming weeks cause I'm not a fan of the last 4 picks you have, but that's just my opinion. Could be wrong.
  11. Here's my team. 10 team 9 categories (DDs are a cat over TOs though) Guards: Russel Westbrook, Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo (IR), Lou Williams Forwards: Draymond Green, Marvin Bagley, Caris Levert, Zach Collins, OG Anunoby Centers: KAT, Vucevic, Deandre Jordan, Dwight Howard
  12. This is an extremely well put together team. You should easily win in 3's and FT% and you should consistently win in assists as well with the guards that you have and steals are a lock as well with guys like Isaac and Harden. Very well done. Can't imagine there being a better team in your league.
  13. Yahoo, 10 team 9 cat (DDs instead of TOs) Gaurds: Westbrook, Lowry, Caris Levert, Oladipo (IR), Lou Williams Fowards: Draymond Green, Marvin Bagley, OG Anunoby, Zach Collins Centers: KAT, Vucevic, Deandre Jordan, Dwight Howard
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