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  1. Agree, I'm high on Barkley and I would be Kamara too had I not owned him this year. Not sure I could pick him again unless he slips way beyond his ADP.
  2. Unless you're really deep at WR, he's a must-start. Jacksonville has already packed it in. Just look at their recent games...
  3. And have Allen vulture his TD. Fixed for you
  4. I wish Murray didn't crap out like he did yesterday. Now I have zero confidence starting this cat in the playoffs.
  5. [...] He's a true beast running the football. He's starting to get cooking as the fantasy playoffs come around.
  6. This was a classic Winston game. He starts the game with an interception and ends up throwing for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. I'll take it.
  7. Well if you have an IR spot in your league, just wait as I think Howard is going to be ruled out soon so you can stash Howard on IR and pick someone else up. I wouldn't drop him because of his upcoming schedule. The fact that Philly hasn't ruled out Howard yet is a sign he's pretty close to returning. Someone in my league dropped him and I picked him up. That upcoming schedule is way too juicy to pass up.
  8. Is this turd going to play this week? I saw he rolled his ankle at the end of last weeks game. I need him due to byes. Perhaps it's maybe better if he doesn't play and safe me the headache of having to start him again.