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  1. This is my hope too but what was up with Hasty getting all the touches against the Rams after Mostert went down?
  2. This makes sense. No need to play him this week and then have a short turn around for Atlanta. We're most likely looking at a week 8 return barring any setbacks. I'm stocked!
  3. He's got a VERY juicy matchup this week vs the cheese heads. Mr. Rodgers and company will be coming out slinging it to get that bad taste out of their mouth from their last game.
  4. Curious as to where you guys drafted Murray. I had him last year and thought he had a lot of potential to be this year's Lamar. I "reached" for him at the bottom of the 6th round in a 12 team league. I was lucky he was still on the board (5th QB taken). I'm so lucky nobody else scooped him up. Last year my league-mates laughed when I picked him and did so again this year. I love that his "floor" is looking like 20 points. I banked on his rushing yards/TD's increasing significantly this year and boy was I right. I love watching this kid play. Was able to convince my girlfriend to stay at her place last night so I could toke up, order a pizza, and watch this kid do his thing. I had a good night
  5. I have a feeling this guy is gonna blow up after the bye. Dude could've easily had a TD and 20+ points this week if the coaching staff didn't get cute around the goal line. I'm not sure why so many people are down on Taylor. I mean, for me when my team is healthy, he's my Flex. This is where I drafted him for (even before Mack injury I was hoping he had Flex value with upside for more). Now granted nobody could predict the Mack injury, but even so was anyone going into the season expecting Taylor to be their RB1 or even RB2 out of the gate? The fact that he has potential to be an RB1 down the stretch has me wet in my pants. RB2 he already is and I'd put money that he'll end up as an RB1 towards the playoffs. The fact that Taylor had 15+ points this week in a game w/out scoring a TD where the Colts were down 3 touchdowns early is VERY encouraging.
  6. Where did you hear this? I hope this isn't true. [...]
  7. And remember with the Rams he had to content with Kupp and Woods. He's going to be more of the focal point in Houston and lets not forget his main contender for targets is made of glass. Not saying Cooks is made of steal but you get my point.
  8. Odd to say the least. All Shanny did the whole offseason was slob on this guys knob and now the dude can barely sniff the field with or without Mostert.
  9. Yeah guys I think I'm fading Slayton. I just have a bad feeling Jones' is going to be running for his life against a very very good WFT pass rush. Any other situation I'd start Slayton, but this Jones' cat hasn't thrown a TD in over 4 games....I'm rolling with Cooks instead, at least he has a competent QB.
  10. Who are you starting over him? I've always been a firm believer in starting your studs but I understand why you'd have reservations.
  11. Any CMC owners miss out on Mike Davis? I should have put in much more FAAB to grab him, I REALLY regret that now. I guess CMC owners just have to hope they can make it to the playoffs and then have CMC back and of course anything can happen in the playoffs.
  12. Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey (ankle) could be out until Week 8 against the Falcons. ESPN's David Newton said Week 8 is a "more realistic" timeline for CMC's return from his serious ankle injury. Week 8 is a short week for Carolina, as they play Atlanta on Thursday Night Football. There's a chance fantasy managers won't get their No. 1 pick back until Week 10 -- after their Week 9 bye week -- when the Panthers play Kansas City. As long as McCaffrey is out, Mike Davis remains a must-start in all formats. After their week 9 bye? Which intern wrote this blurb? SMH Either way, hope this isn't true. We might only have CMC for 3-4 games until the playoffs. Sucks, but could always be worse.
  13. This is getting ridiculous. With injuries and byes, I'm royally screwed if this game is canceled. I'll be down to McKinnon and Dobbins for my RB's SMH
  14. Jonnu Smith: As pointed out by my podcast co-host Kyle Yates, you need to take a look at the comparison between Smith and Mark Andrews: Player Tgts Rec Yds TD PPR Pts Smith 27 18 221 5 70.1 Andrews 29 18 222 5 70.2