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  1. he'll be fine man. relax a bit. this next month and a half will help get him fully recovered and hopefully the mechanics is back to speed.
  2. drafted him with my second to last pick. can't go wrong.
  3. top 20 pitcher if he isn't glass . please don't shatter.
  4. insert him back to his original adp prior to his rib fracture if season begins early may to late may
  5. got the 11th pick in the first round and second pick in the second round. if they both are still available, definitely taking them and getting two SP the next two.
  6. I'd take him at a utility spot. not passing up on any top tier 1b if they come my way.
  7. i have my eyes on him in ALL my upcoming drafts.
  8. Solid pick up. He needs to continue this for stretch for the playoffs and the sake of Our playoffs 😂