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  1. How'd you get so many studs? 2nd grade teachers league? Jk. Good draft.
  2. That was literally the only terrible game to watch. Granted there's only 4 games so that's 25%, but whatever. The other games were MUCH better than I anticipated. I don't know what was up with Aaron Murray. Him and the vipers were supposed to be decent, but he looked like dog doo.
  3. Where y'all getting your news from? I'm on Altfantasysports and it was a MFing wasteland and disaster week 1. I had no idea if I was winning or losing until yesterday, and even started tre Mcbride who was injured and I had no idea. Got me a big 0. Thank goodness I had Austin Proehl save my A and I pulled out the W. Changed my team name out of respect for my guy... Proehl Bowlers Anyways,yeah... I don't know where to get news on injured and inactive guys. I tried to follow XFL 2020 on Twitter but they spammed me with literally 45 posts in 30 minutes about nothing so I had to shut that S down.
  4. I would guess 20 or less. I wanted to really believe in him because he's in a contract year, but anyone that comes back in 7.5 weeks off a 4-6 week timetable is probably not thinking about the team or our fantasy teams. He seems like a guy that would sub himself out. And yes, I know about his leg injury.
  5. I'd think him on the court with Kyrie off the court would be the ideal best time to start him. Once Kyrie is back it's more of the same as before the injury.
  6. If you are a Yahoo player and an Oubre owner, it's time to do your due diligence. We could all use the PF eligibility, so be sure to get out there and vote to convince Yahoo to help us out with this. https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/31996705-kelly-oubre-pf-elgibility
  7. Suns are 8 games under 500. Generally teams that are tanking will hold their studs until last moment possible to drive up price as high as possible unless they get a deal they simply can't refuse. Suns being 8 games under 500 makes me think they aren't gonna be doing anything those teams can't refuse during this season. They might consider them if they start winning more, look like a viable playoff contender, and are making a playoff push by trade deadline though, but as of today, no way do I see the Suns being the highest bidder for those guys' services.
  8. I'll be honest, I don't understand sarcasm anymore on this forum because of the 95% troll rate here, but yeah, Dinwiddie been badass since kyrie went down. This coupled with the fact I believe Levert is another level better than Dinwiddie, it would've been awesome to see it.
  9. Tomorrow is week 4 of his 4-6 week timetable. I'm sure we'll get an update any day now and I'm gonna be excited to fire him up. The worst part about this all is that he hasn't been healthy while kyrie was hurt. Kyrie makes everyone worse. He probably could've put up top 50 numbers while kyrie was away, but now I'm sure he'll get activated about the same time kyrie does
  10. He only has good games when I drop him. And now someone else got him before I could re pick him up again. This guy been a headache for me. Now that I don't own him he's probably gonna put up top 50 numbers ROS.
  11. Did this guy agree to hold his waiver claim all season? That's wild. That's a dumb trade on his part. I see nothing wrong with this though. We trade FAAB in my FF league, but we also voted on it preseason a few years ago. If you're in a competitive league I can assure you someone will get butt hurt and veto your deal cause that guy exists in every league. So if you're expecting a unanimous approval for this, you will not get it.