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  1. I mean, I own the guy so I'd prefer it. I'm definitely not happy though.
  2. I highly doubt he does better with Tua vs Fitz. I think we saw his peak with Fitz. Now just gotta hold on and hope for pretty good.
  3. Block me and quit chasing me around telling me things.
  4. Lol. Nonsense post. Jameis gonna hate being saints QB next year when he's jogging on and off field for idiot plays with Taysom Hill.
  5. Freaking Pats... Screwed me, but I had multiple picks still alive so the percentages actually say I'm OK though. This week is gonna be tough. I think of Adam Gase is NOT fired I'm probably rolling with... 1 pick on Bills (assuming no catastrophic injuries tonight) 1 pick on Chargers 1 pick on saints How y'all feeling about those 3?
  6. I believe, but don't quote me, that every team knows the results of COVID tests in the morning. Therefore if the Sunday night game has 6 positive tests you'd know it by like 900 - 1000 AM (I don't know where you live, but I always speak Central). When you know this by 900-1000 then you have plenty of time to make substitutions with players from the 1200 PM and 330 PM games. My rule is only applicable for Monday night games (and if it so happens, Tuesday as well).
  7. So basically everyone starts the roster they want. There's a thread we've got created called COVID REPLACEMENT CALLOUTS. They would then go into the thread and say, "I've got Zeke going Monday night. I want to switch him with Nyheim Hines if the Boys game is canceled." If Boys game plays they're fine. If we all wake up Monday and there's positive tests and the game is canceled then there's literally no one else you can fill into that slot and you take a 0 if you didn't make a callout. This is also assuming there's only 1 Monday Night game, as has usually been the case over the years. To your points... If you've got like 6 guys going on Monday / Tuesday night games, you should probably understand things definitely have the ability to go South lol. I agree with your rules you created: To your other points about is it fair or not, I mostly agree. We actually have a 14 man league with psychos and rule benders / manipulators and we literally have a rule that says we can create 1 new rule per season if the league agrees to call a rule to vote... so we did it.
  8. The vent and rant thread just reflects society. More people every year are upset about petty things or have "anxiety" and want to complain. Don't get me wrong, I go in there too. Mostly to trash those people though. Am I any better? Of course not, I'm a POS too. The bottom line though which I never made it to is that your format doesn't reflect anything except more venting and ranting to me. But if it's for you, it's for you. Live it and love it dog. Side note ... What if you took BYE weeks into account this year (or potentially next) and had 6 new teams with 6 new BYE weeks by week 6, and very likely to be more randomly generated BYE weeks before this is over.
  9. Very logical and justified IMO. I'd personally call out every Monday / Tuesday night game all season... As I currently am doing personally when I have players affected by those games.
  10. Foolish logic I'm thankful was out voted in my league. A season should be based on games played for a TEAM. An individual can get injured. An individual can get suspended. An individual can get COVID. BUT if the Vikings have a rescheduled game to week 18, how on earth can you justify that to your league when the Vikings only get 14 games in a season (assuming your championship week is week 16) and every other team gets 15? This isn't kyker Murray got hurt. This is THE VIKINGS lost a game. Completely unreasonable argument to me personally. There's literally no Grey area here for me. It's black and white and that argument is unjustified to me.
  11. I have this rule, I laid out the rule very clearly as we voted on it. The deadline to create the post (we call it a callout) is by Sunday kickoffs (noon for us down here in Texas). Last week I made a callout and I was the only one, because if a COVID positive test happened on a Monday to my guy I assume I'm F'd and the game is canceled. I was the only one that made a callout. That's laziness right there IMO from my league mates. It took 5 seconds to ensure I didn't take a zero. Short answer... Yes, make a callout every Sunday for all Monday / Tuesday night games.
  12. What are you talking about? This is a 70 page thread that offers almost nothing of any use. It's just whining and shut down the season posts. This person has a legitimate question, and I'd point him to the right spot, but I don't want all the whiny shut it down complainers finding that thread. So, if that guy you quoted sees this post... The answer isn't here, but seek harder and you will find the answers you need.
  13. I owned lockett last year. He was an every week must start because you can't predict his 20+ point games vs his 3 point games. The writing was on the wall though as I watched games last year that majority of things that was getting him points weren't intended for him. Russ scrambles, finds 3rd option getting free last second, hits lockett for 60 yard bomb. TD. It's obviously amazing, but when those 3 target games kept happening and those dud games happened at very annoying times, it became very frustrating. I watched as the season went on last year the shift from lockett to DK and I sold my keeper shares of Lock in the offseason and overdrafted DK this year. The shift of WR power has happened IMO. Now it's up to DKs health to keep lockett where he's at, which is a guy you still have to start weekly but be frustrated about.