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  1. Report says 58 tests were done on Jazz players and staff and only Spida tested positive.
  2. My gameplan is just to keep him stashed in my IL until I get deeper into my playoffs, assuming I get that far
  3. Any Blazers viewers? I'd like to know what happened during his 3-4 duds prior to his last game... was it just adjusting to the team?
  4. I chose the wrong year to be a first time Steph owner... this dude owes me a nightly average of 40pts 10threes 10dimes 10stls 5blks and postgame shoutout to me once he returns
  5. This old man just needs to rest... until I get through my fantasy playoffs. Jeremi Grant owner 😉
  6. Its absolutely terrifying going against a team with Whiteside, if only he would take another night off
  7. Is it wishful thinking that he'll still be of quality value -- maybe he can just focus on D and average 5 steals and 5 blocks, totally reasonable
  8. I remember 3 seasons ago, I picked up in late in the season and he helped propel me to victory in the championships. I used to love watching him play, true swiss army knife.. if he can resemble that again he sure would be worthy of an add for late run
  9. It has healed, the organization and Steph are just both collectively babying his little wee injury.. something common I suppose with the majority of the players from this era
  10. Hes still strictly a backup then right, nothing to see here?
  11. Dieng got traded... don't understand where tho... Grizz or Heat?
  12. Some baby back bulllllll if you know what I mean