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  1. Chriss about to start his waiver wire pickup of the year campaign tonight
  2. I can see Dunn being added and dropped a couple hundred times this season with teams just using him as a steals streamer
  3. I'll still hold.. things may chance a bit (at least offensively) once they add another passmaker in Rondo.
  4. Dwight can still board, but wow does he look slow and grounded compared to Javale.. not a chance I'd take Dwight over Javale
  5. Portis could put up stats in 20-25 mins of play and that includes peripheral stats. I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt Mitchell Rob can stay healthy and out of foul trouble
  6. All I ask from Javale is 6 blocks a night 😉
  7. Chriss has shown some life in the preseason.. what do you guys think, solid end of bench rotation until Willie returns? Anyone know when Willie is due back?
  8. Thoughts on Mr. Saric? Perhaps returning back to relevancy this season -- looks like he is a lock to start and is reunited with Monty Williams, the former 76ers asst coach. I picked him up 3rd to last pick, so high reward low risk -- hoping for an award.
  9. Its absolute incompetence on Yahoo's part by not putting the INJ tag already
  10. This dude and his ankles! Is he wearing BBB shoes or something
  11. such a pessimist, there's still one more day of december left