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  1. Do you think he'll be more consistent than Huerter who's also surging?
  2. Who is more reliable moving forward? Would sadly drop RoCo (time to give up)
  3. It's highly unlikely Love is/can be dealt this year. If anything they'll look to move him in the offseason
  4. I just traded Myles Turner, Ingram and RHJ for Fournier and Brook Lopez. Needed to open up a roster spot and got a boost in 3's and punting boards.
  5. What kind of stats do you think Lauri can put once he gets back. There's a lot more talent on the team, but I'm hoping for 18 pts 8 boards and 2 3's. Not sure if he can add any defensive stats as that's not really his game.
  6. I unfortunately had to drop him when he got hurt. I hit some real bad luck and already had Lauri and Dunn also hurt (no IR spot). Barton is still on the wire, but I don't think I can lose every week stashing all 3 of them. Maybe once Lauri comes back I can pick up Will the Thrill
  7. I picked up RHJ after the LeVert injury, but wondering if Bog has a higher ceiling. In most need of 3's and stocks
  8. How do you think his fantasy game will look next year with Gordon Hayward back? I'm in a keeper league and trying to acquire Tatum. Between Tatum and Tim Hardaway Jr who do you think would have the better fantasy game?
  9. I'd drop JaMychal Green. He showed some potential, but I feel Nets are gonna give Allen as many minutes as he can handle ROS. Quotes from Atkinson seem like they've all been surprised he's picked it up this quickly.
  10. 2nd trade looks good. Whiteside is probably more consistent than Adams. And I'd get what you can for Tyreke now as his value probably goes down in a trade
  11. If you're #1 then stash away right now. Assuming you can stand to have a worse short term team for a chance to be awesome with Millsap back to 100% by playoffs
  12. I'd take Deal 2, who would you drop though. Lou Williams is at his peak now assuming he gets traded. Aaron Gordon is a great buy low player and D'angelo is gonna get minutes down the stretch. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/692605-keeper-league-push-for-playoffs-or-tank/
  13. Bogdan too. Chriss is about to get suspended (short term but seems he doesnt get along with the coaching staff). Triano also has weird a** rotations and Alan Williams coming back makes it crowded again.
  14. Agreed. I think both will be good long term but DSJ is going to be better short term and better fantasy game. You won't regret keeping DSJ http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/692605-keeper-league-push-for-playoffs-or-tank/
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