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  1. His contract and being one of the best shooters in the league tell me that he’ll have a role if they’re serious about a push Though Ariza could do more for you in general, given that he’s stepping into what looks like a 30mpg minute role. Reddick will score (and do so as efficiently as any volume 3pt guy) but Ariza’s peripherals will be more impactful IMO (assuming health). Select whoever fits your team more
  2. Big Chorizo game, looks like he needed the vacation and was saving his energy while Serge was out during the 1st half of the season
  3. Love this guy’s game, generally overlooked but brings so much to the table. Skilled, unselfish and mostly makes the right play. Stay healthy big Nik!
  4. They started playing him at C which they didnt get to do early in the season since he was struggling with fouls and has a spaghetti frame, but damn does he learn quick
  5. Well winning isnt always pretty and thats what he stands for. His spotty fg is still a byproduct of not having that consistent offensive star capable of getting 20 regardless of the matchup along with him just not caring about going 7/20 as long as they win. Herro and Nunn are great rookies but they’re not at that level yet (though both have shown flashes). Dragic could be that guy but he’s embraced his new role, as any good vet should. With all that said, this is likely just a bad slump for him. End of the day, when he does end up addressing his efficiency (no reason he can’t) then they’ll win even more games and i’m sure he’s smart enough to realize that.
  6. Watched my fair share of ORL games and he only gets to play generally if Bamba is injured as a backup to Vooch. He has no offensive value outside the paint but is a steady defender and rebounder. He’ll get some burn against physical bigs like Embiid or Ayton but I don’t see him playing next to either Vooch / Bamba. Look for Iwundu to pick up minutes as a defensive starter. Without Isaac, I do think its possible for them to bring back DJA into the SL for spacing. So DJA, Fournier, Iwundu, AG and Vooch would probably be their most balanced starting 5 at this point. But they will likely just leave Fultz in for reps
  7. D’Antoni said that that he just got promoted to being the backup C - worth a flyer imo
  8. Probably more likely that they’re showcasing Dieng’s newfound range and they’re trying to move him rather than KAT? He isn’t a bad player IMO, obviously not a 30 mpg guy but smart and fundamental. Could help any team that is looking for a big like CHA, and they have a lot of bad contracts to trade
  9. Expect growth, there will be ups and downs - but with his role looking more established, he’ll have every opportunity to produce.
  10. I owned him during his breakout year when he finished with like 14-7-2 bpg (PG’s last year IIRC) and it really is disappointing that he never built on that into a featured offensive role. Them forcing Sab and him on the floor at the same time hasn’t done him any favors either but it is what it is. JJJ’s early season stretch where he was being used like a role player on offense instead of a foundational piece reminded me of Turner’s situation and I strongly considered selling him once he got a few good games in. Thankfully, the coaching staff corrected this issue and did JJJ (and their future) right by force feeding him into a featured role. Credit to him that he responded in a big way and is putting up some juicy numbers while impacting games positively on both ends. Some guys never figure it out, but JJJ is definitely on the right track.
  11. Statistically, Bam is in the Jokic/Nurkic tree with boards / assists + stocks JJJ is more similar to Isaac / Turner or Lopez but with more offensive responsibility / upside but with less defensive experience (the ability is there).
  12. Doesn’t get enough credit for finding the open man
  13. He may not be tall but he takes up so much space and has pretty solid timing and positioning from what i’ve seen. I think his past production there was mainly from playing next to Gob and being forced into shoot jumpers since Gob has the superior physical tools to crash the O glass.
  14. Managed to move him for WCJ start of last week, feel like they’ll hover around that mid round - late mid valuation all year so happy with it (given their roles). Evan should be able to maintain around 17.5 ppg with 2 3PM, 3 rpg / 3 apg + 1 spg on good guard efficiency (regardless of Vuc) and WCJ should be able to maintain his 12/9 but his stocks should normalize to 0.8 spg and around 1.4 bpg.