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  1. Gobert is a basketball player. How the f--- could he played basketball without touching any teammates or opponents ?
  2. You got that : from the wire; and you are complaining for one bad game ?
  3. I picked up Dieng with this news, as Clarke is already owned in my keeper league. Hope JJJ comes back in time for fantasy PO.
  4. Agree. + DLO - Wiggins will benefit for every wolves.
  5. So there is 21 hours left yet ? (i'm sorry i live in France)
  6. Please, can someone tell me how many hours left before trade deadline ?
  7. 9mins and 1 rebound with nothing else. How the f--- is that real ?
  9. Don't look at december posts in this thread...
  10. Yes my bad, he did not start, but he played center off the bench behind Holmes.