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  1. Yes my bad, he did not start, but he played center off the bench behind Holmes.
  2. Bagley started 7 or 8 games at center and did not receive C eligibility.
  3. Boris Diaw was a very smart player, and his game was absolutely not based on his physical abilities.
  4. What a line... 12 pts 11 rbds 9 asts 3 3's and 3 blks. Just grabbed him, hoping he can stay healthy.
  5. I dropped in my 14 teams. Still on the wire. He will need LBJ injured to be picked up again.
  6. Don't understand why Bagley is not PF/C on Yahoo. When i see KCP or Culver PG/SG/SF, or Duncan SG/SF/PF, this is just disconcerting.