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  1. I like option 1 the best if Curry falls to you. Feels unlikely that AD will fall to you at 3 so I wouldn't worry too much about option 3 but in case he does, youll be lucky to get him there. I'd take AD, then a guard. Why would you not pair kryie with AD for option 3? Then you can go after another big or guard for the next two rounds.
  2. Like the team a lot as I lean towards balanced attacks. I like Kurucs (if he plays) and Marcus Morris as potential targets.
  3. I'd take AD M ROB and Pascal tbh. No need to trade as I think the value vs where they drafted will be worth it.
  4. I would keep Kyrie. Think he's gonna have 10-15 value this season and to me that's more valuable than dmitch and lowry.
  5. I'd take Hield here and gamble a bit on his continued development.
  6. Thanks both. Do you guys like that strategy or would you rather take Lillard + Lebron or Kawhi?
  7. Thinking of taking Lillard and Beal 8th and 9th in 8 man 9 cat h2h snake. What punt strategy would you guys recommend building off of those two?
  8. Got the 8th and 9th pick in h2h 9 cat. Assuming Embiid is gone I'm planning on Lillard at 8 and really can't wrap my head around who to take at 9. Deciding between Beal, Lebron, Kawhi and Kyrie. Leaning towards Beal at this point but would love to hear feedback.
  9. Back to fantasy... After Boogie's injury and updated press, do we feel like Lebron is in the top 10? Specifically which 10 players would you take ahead of him? For me in 9 cat H2H leagues, it goes the elite 5, jokic, embiid/lillard and then the waters become very muddy from picks 9-14 IMO. Do we believe in Beal's ability to produce top 10 value? Will Kawhi play enough games to produce top 10? Could Kyrie or Jimmy take the steps up this season with the keys to their offenses and produce top 10? Will PG13 do so after two shoulder surgeries and a deep bench? These are the questions that have continuously come up for me and would love to hear others input.
  10. I take Murray or Allen but would lean Murray for upside in a variety of cats.
  11. In a 12 team I say no unless you can win back some quality depth via the wire or another trade.
  12. In a keeper league I take Mitch. He's young and already the best shot blocker in the league. Yes, rate might go down as he learns to foul less but his offensive game showed signs of improvement throughout last year and I believe he will keep growing. KP an injury and legal risk.
  13. 100% JUMP at this deal. I project Booker finishing above Trae in the rankings this year without SGA. This is robbery.
  14. Definitely take the trade IMO, unless you think you will have trouble making the playoffs due to George starting the season out.
  15. IMO Looney is being overrated and Olynyk underrated. Long term I love Olynyk.
  16. Most definitely Harden in an 8 cat. I'd probably take him in a 9 cat too considering how dominant he was last year but not a question for me in 8 cat.
  17. Definitely punting 3pts and probably ft as well. FG will be tough with Morant Reddish and Lonzo. You might struggle with free throw as well. Id look to shore up one of these cats so youre not punting too many from the jump.
  18. This team is great, you absolutely robbed your league with that Devin Booker pick, I predict him to have a top 15-18 finish this season. Personally I'd look to trade away Domantas (think he's being overrated this season) for someone who offers more upside in blocks.
  19. Thank you for your feedback @nba2015 @mattcalebjohnson. Assuming Embiid and Jokic are off the table (they likely will be unless pick 7 takes Lebron based on inside info), who would you pair with Lillard to start out the draft? Of course, assuming that the elite 5 are gone as well.
  20. In an 8 man 9 category h2h league (so quite shallow) with a snake draft. I hold the 8th pick and am trying to come up with a coherent draft strategy. Right now I am planning on taking either Lillard or Embiid as one of them will almost definitely be available (most likely Lillard). Would yall recommend Lebron, Beal, Kawhi, Butler or Vuc at that 9 spot? Also welcome any ideas for punting strategy. Thanks all and happy to help with your topics in return.
  21. Offered Rubio and Donovan Mitchell for my Kawhi. 9 cat H2h. Accept or no?