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  1. crazy end to the game, a sack fumble and td, heard that put that game over the point total
  2. the weather effects the defense too, so its a wash, the bigger question is if Mahommes hand is okay. i'd expect a lot more screen passes rather than deep shots today
  3. those wanting Washington will have to hope for no negative news on Jacobs between now and waiver processing, otherwise forget about it, he is going to be a top pick up. the only plus side is with playoffs and the number of teams that can make pick ups could be smaller depending on league rules. also don't forget about Jalen Richard. this isn't the first time we've seen this movie with these 2 guys. it's happened before everyone on the Washington train only to have Richard get more work
  4. you would too if you looked out on the field and didn't recognize a single WR running down the field.
  5. so you had a feeling that Sanders was going to miss game time because of a cramp and that Scott would get an extended look. just stop it
  6. poor reading comprehension, the fantasypros blurb is talking about Ramsey covering Moore, and then says if Ramsey is out it isn't all sunshine because Bouye is good too and hasn't allowed a TD, it doesn't say Bouye is covering Samuels because he lines up on a particular side of the field or that Bouye is going to be shadowing Samuels. it actually is implying that Bouye is shadowing Moore
  7. he's a potential volume play this week. no Williams no Adams means that Jones is going to have to step up for GB. the final line may not be great when it comes to ypc and such because DAL D is legit and GB sometimes can't seem to get out of its own way but he should have volume to be a fantasy starter
  8. i love it, the whole summer all we hear is how Reid is a bellcow RB guy and how Williams is going to be the man, and there is no chance he is sharing with anyone, citing all his past RB successes as examples, now we get the this is going to be a timeshare story when Williams isn't the main guy. irony is McCoy is on the list. to be honest it doesn't matter if it is a timeshare or a bellcow situation, if McCoy is steady all season in the 10+ range he is going to far outperform his draft cost and that is where he has been in a timeshare up to this point. anything else at this point is gravy.
  9. gotta remember guys they lost their starting center, would surprise me if Michel is more the second half hero like he was last year
  10. they may do just that but he will be resting on the bench after putting in a good days work on the field and have the points to show for it
  11. actually could have been negative points plus injury worse. but did you really honestly expect a week winning performance? he got pretty much 50% of his projected points last night against last years best rush defense. 1 TD every 60 some carries allowed. the only things that mattered about last night were 1, he didn't get hurt and have to miss the game. and 2 he basically doubled Williams in carries. you still have an entire roster to make up the remaining 4-5 points he was projected to get last night. i had fournette and carson ahead of him but michael/johnson/jacobs/jones were in that same tier for me. carson was a weird case because his adp was so low.
  12. 3rd RB in the 8th round sounds a bit late. but i suppose that also means you have big guns at WR, so the team should be fine.
  13. the better question is. who would need to? he came so cheap that he wasn't being drafted as a starter
  14. unless your team is super loaded, you play the guys you drafted to be starters. its week 1, no one knows what is going to happen out there. matchups shouldn't worry you in week 1. it's a clean slate for the season. never know what will happen. you don't fade your projected starter because you're afraid of the matchup
  15. he is getting used the minute he sets foot back on that field,