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  1. Play any of those over Darnold. I really like Jones this week, but Carr and Brisett should have a solid floor based on matchup. help with mine?
  2. .5ppr my other rbs are Zeke, Ingram, Coleman. I am thinking of starting Zeke and Ingram but I can,t choose between Gordon or DMont. Help out? Leave a link if you need help with yours!
  3. You’re set at wr so it’s not worth it. Plus you’ll have the headache of having to pick wr starters. Sell Chubb alone and you’ll get more value. help with mine?
  4. Crowder. Game script will force jets to throw and crowder will be the safety blanket. Help with mine?
  5. If those are your tight ends, 100% do this. You get the current qb1 and the established TE1 with white thrown in as a softener as well. I like it. help with mine?
  6. Sit Gurley and start Lindsay. Never sit Zeke, especially with a banged up cooper. Help with mine?
  7. I think I would go Fant. Goedert will be a toss up bc you have to hope they target him on a couple of good plays as opposed to Ertz. Knox is the same. Fant sounds like the safe play here. help with mine?
  8. I would do it; Singletary def ya some nice upside and you are stacked at WR.
  9. Would it be better to offer Waller + Montgomery for MG3? or just I just go ahead and accept the MG3 for Ertz offer?
  10. Take the deal. You have Kelce and your team would improve if you place Kerryon in your flex for waller. I do like that deal..especially with melvin gordon back now, which hurts ekeler. Help with mine?
  11. A few weeks a go it would have seemed like a steal, but I do believe DHop can't be worse than he is now. What do you rbs look like?
  12. Ekeler and Gore should both put solid numebrs this week as they should have a solid floor. Berida a close third.
  13. All the trades are very negative for your team. Think bigger and try to land one of his bigger WRs or try a 2-1 and at least try to get a promise like scary terry, but don't target tyrell..too many injury issues.
  14. Your team looks very solid and balanced. If anything see if you can try to upgrade at QB. Allen can be a little unpredictable, but maybe add darnold to complement him with the nice schedule.