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  1. Especially with him playing 4-4-3 games the next 3 weeks.
  2. Fournier likely to be out for an extended period. Gallagher posted a stat: "With Vooch and Gordon next to him and without Fournier, Markelle Fultz has a per-36 line of 21.1 points, 7.6 boards, 5.5 dimes, 1.7 steals and 0.7 treys (104-minute sample, T. Ross in that sample for 55 minutes)." Question is if Fultz can push for 30 mins with Augustin healthy.
  3. Thanks. Just tweeted them, hopefully we'll get that C eligibility soon.
  4. Where do you see that info? I'm going to tweet Yahoo Fantasy Care.
  5. Why wouldn't you just wait and see how tonight plays out? Was there someone you had to pick up at that minute?
  6. Can anyone find an update on his injury? They just keep ruling him out with no timetable or update.
  7. Fantasy writers love to throw the shutdown word around. Yes, he probably made it a little worse by playing through it and had a MRI, but the fact that he played through it means it wasn't anything serious. Also, this is the perfect window for him to rest two weeks because he was feeling more discomfort than usual. Unless there is another video where he actually hurt his left wrist again, I am more inclined to believe this is a precautionary rest than something serious.
  8. He turned out to be one of the better 6th man in the league, Jazz has been winning with him playing well. No defensive stats and can be a little inconsistent when Conley plays. Nice scoring boost at the end of your bench. Hope the upticks in assists can stay.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by future franchise. Yes they signed him to a 4 year extension in 2018 because they think he's a quality role player.
  10. Nance is actually a year older than Drummond lol
  11. You know how rare it is to get to play with one of your best friends in the NBA? Can't two best friends just be happy to see each other or is that just what people call homo nowadays 😂
  12. Wait, why wouldn't they put Culver at 3, hes bigger and should be able to defend SF better than Beasley.
  13. Tyus Jones is still there. How many minutes do they play him at the forward spot?
  14. SHABAZZ TIME!!!! He's going to go off for sure.
  15. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1225480358860333056?s=20
  16. It's been reported that the Wizards are interested in Tristan Thompson. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen.
  17. Unless Tristan Thompson gets traded here... lol
  18. Looking like it's going to be a recurring thing. They will probably restrict his minutes even more if and when he comes back.
  19. LMAO that was me too. Might be one of the worst picks I've ever made.
  20. What are the implications if Kennard gets moved here. Would Mikal be included in the trade? If he stays, I wonder if he can remain in the 30 min range. I know he mostly plays SF/PF, but Kennard would probably play mins at SG and SF.
  21. Going against team's 2nd units definitely helps. I think people are mostly reacting to the 19 mins he got last game.