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  1. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2020/10/28/21539413/espn-report-giants-lions-talked-kenny-golladay
  2. This thread is getting super weird and you should all be ashamed of yourselves... Do you think the 9'ers have Tight Ends more capable of blocking Hasty's load or should he direct the load towards a wide receiver?
  3. Temper your expectations, Mostert should be back by .... *does math*... Week 16!
  4. Everyone knew going into this that COVID was going to make things messy. Hopefully, your league used the off-season to get some some rules in place to try and help (extended bench, extra IR, designated "backup" players for uncertain games going into Sunday, etc) and contingencies for what happens if the season gets cancelled. Aside from that, I don't think there is anything else you can do that would be fair for everyone. We all were exposed to the same risk in terms of the players on our rosters getting impacted. It's no different from injury, just need to sack up and keep grinding. Crazy COVID fantasy season sure beats no fantasy or football at all even if you are getting the crap end of the stick.
  5. I need Brees, Kamara, Waller and Manny Sanders to outscore NO Def and Three-quan Smith by a lusty 58.69 points.
  6. Looked worrisome yesterday. Never want to see a guy get hurt, but after the Akers injury Brown's arrow was pointing up. Then Henderson looked electric nearly every time he touched the ball, was a figertip catch on an overthrown ball away from a monster day and looked to be the talent in that backfield yesterday. Small sample size and all of that, I know but the writing may be on the wall here. Personally, I'm kicking myself a little for not capitalizing on his value last week and am going to try and see if there is any opportunity in the injury chaos from yesterday to offload this dude. Maybe an RB starved owner who didnt watch the game can be convinced it was just a matchup problem vs. the stout Eagle Run D.
  7. Passed the eyeball test. Reminded me of Mostert a little from last year - compared to his backfield-mate today, dude looked like he was getting shot out of a cannon when he touched the ball.
  8. You would think if it looked like a 3-4 week recovery timeline they would have put him on IR. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself while I try to numb the pain.
  9. Yeah, Im talking about trading Brown (as we are in the Brown thread).
  10. Exactly! Some Logan Thomas week 1 stats (small sample size I know): In on 74% of snaps, had 8 targets. This represented a 27% team target share (#3, behind Waller & H. Henry). Had 29% of WFT's air yards (#2 behind J. Cook) Had a 12% usage rate (received a target on 12% of the teams total throws + rushes), #4 behind Goedert, Herndon, Waller In my experience, the "breakout" tight ends (Waller last year, Kittle the year before, etc) all have one thing in common: They are the #1 or #2 on the team in number of targets. Again, just week 1 and a small sample size, but pretty encouraging in terms of the dude's targets, target share and air yards.
  11. Does this strike anyone else as similar to the Jordan Howard/Miles Sanders situation last year? Talented high draft capital rookie, coach intends to run a RBBC, veteran looks solid while rookie looks a little lost/indecisive. Howard had some value last year until he got injured even as they kept trying to ramp up Sanders touches to get involved. Those who are selling either now or after a good week 2, what type of return are you trying to (realistically) get?
  12. It's always been like that on Yahoo, you can drop people off of your bench (not starters) even if they have played. It's a pretty common strategy to cycle through non-rostered handcuffs/backups doing this for each set of games (pick an early game cuff, drop for an afternoon game cuff, drop for a SNF cuff...)
  13. Yeah, exactly. The Wash D line looks legit AF, and the game plan was bad. Scott himself actually looked ok. I'm not saying you absolutely need to hold this dude, but personally I have other turkeys on my bench I'd rather move on from and wait to see if Philly can get it figured out a little bit.
  14. Total team fail. Garbage o line play (8 sacks!!), Wentz was bad, team had a bunch more injuries, etc. Play calling was extra stupid, 15 rushes vs 42 passes in a game where they were up 17 at one point and their o-line couldn't stop anyone. You would think they might run the ball some and maybe run some draws/get the ball out quick to backs in space but they stuck with the deep ball all game.