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  1. I am not saying you guys are wrong, but what is making you think if Howard gets traded that Brate walks into a good spot? Howard is clearly more talented and it just seems like, despite running tons of routes, the Arians offense just doesn't look for the TE as a primary read. Is it just the chemistry between Winston/Brate?
  2. I don't really agree about the fumbling part unless it continues, but otherwise I think that's a great comparison. In my opinion. the eyeball test is showing me Sanders isn't quite there yet in terms of making a decision/quick cut and hitting the hole hard particularly in tougher matchups. Both backs are clearly successful in games like v. GB where you could drive a zamboni through the hole the Eagles O-line was opening up. In games with tougher run defenses, around the goal line, trying to punish defenses late in games or when trying to chew up clock to close out a win, Howard is going to be the guy. I think understanding how they want to use these guys plus looking at their recent game scripts (ex versus MIN where the Eagles were getting boat raced) is a pretty good explanation for the trends in snap & carry counts between them. That is not to say Sanders has no value or won't be a contributing fantasy player. Depending on where he was drafted he probably isn't going to fully return value on his ADP, but at this point in the season you can't let that impact your judgement of players. It is not to say it's impossible for it to change, but the Eagles clearly prefer to have a rotation at RB and will likely never have a 3 down bellcow approach to their backfield unless injuries or something like that force their hand. From what I have seen so far in watching every second of every Eagle game so far that approach is giving them the best result. Sanders is just not ready to handle the "primary" role in a split backfield. Maybe that changes as the season goes on, maybe it doesn't, but when and if this offense gets rolling (please come back D-Jax!), I would be perfectly happy with a Miles Sanders who gets 8-12 carries a game plus a bunch of passing work/designed pass plays as a rookie on top of what he might be able to do if Howard goes down.
  3. Hello fellow McLaurin-ites with limited options in leagues where Paul Richardson is already rostered! There are certainly worse dart throws than Quinn this week assuming Richardson sits. At least the targets are there and he is in line for some increased opportunity in a plus match up? This is probably just me trying to convince myself.
  4. 12 team .5 ppr Mike Evans, James Conner, Matt Breida & Robby Anderson for Lev Bell, Tyreek Hill & Christian Kirk
  5. Me too my guy. Another Eagle fan here with the same reaction watching the games. Sanders has been given plenty of opportunity and has looked mediocre, which is a little troubling. With that being said, I think he should have been drafted as a player that wouldn't really come on right away, so you gotta be patient. Also, the offense overall hasn't been sharp and I'd like to hold until I see what he looks like when that offense finds some consistency.
  6. Totally agree. Even if he isn't flexible every week, he seems like one of the better RB lotto tickets. Basically, he is the backup to two players in an offense that looks willing and capable of running the ball.
  7. So that's one starting tackle out of two. You may not be a big believer in Mack or Doyle, but they are starters (also, Doyle out snapped and out targeted Ebron by a good margin when both were playing) . We can agree to disagree that a team without it's starting RT, TE, RB and WR1 would be considered mostly healthy. Anyway, I don't think NE def is a slam dunk play, but should be a good streaming option.
  8. I took the plunge myself. Going against Luck is off-putting, as is starting a Thursday night D but: NE is a big home favorite (10.5 right now) in an game with an O/U of 49.5. Vegas implied total for Indy is 19.5. This is currently the third lowest implied total this week behind only the NYG, Bills and Cardinals. NE has a chance to boat race Indy, forcing a lot of passes and sack/turnover opportunity. This is especially true with how banged up on D they are (missing 2 corners, and possibly a safety & LB) On O, Indy is down its: WR1, RB1, TE1, 2 tackles (and some O line depth injuries as well). I was sad to not get the Titans off of waivers this week (someone bid up the FAAB) but am very OK with getting the NE D for free and streaming them tonight.
  9. .5 PPR 12 team Dalvin Cook + Nelson Agholor for Jarvis Landry and Dion Lewis
  10. 12 team .5 ppr Aaron Jones for Dalvin Cook
  11. Few trades went down this week in a .5 PPR Saquon for Antonio Brown Crowell for Manny Sanders Latavius Murray for Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham for Buck Allen Julio for Chris Thompson, Marvin Jones and Tyler Lockett
  12. I did last week, but yes. KC passing attack bound to regress a little, and I like having a piece of that offense if you don't already. Probably more than one Hunt owner out there frustrated with usage and willing to ship him out at somewhat of a discount.