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  1. I picked up Porter at 67th pick (9th for me, so no stress really). Is he worth a trade for Millsap? Or at 67, he has enough upside to warrant keeping him? Why I ask is that last year, he was a superstar and then died off. I am not sure why because i never really followed Porter much. Care to explain, anyone?
  2. Hey Embiid fans! I am love watching and rooting for the guy! But at this moment, i am torn because I lack dynasty experience. I have Embiid, Turner, and Gobert in my roster (plus 3 other top 40 players). The issue is that I don't know if the risk / reward is worth keeping embiid. Can anyone provide me with some insight that I may not be seeing?? 4 keeper league, H2H These are my two main choices: Keep - Butler, Embiid, Turner, Lowry and trade Gobert for a round 5 pick (which is the first round draft pick for us); or Butler, Gobert, Turner, Lowry a
  3. Will i be crazy to give up Gobert for Embiid and an extra draft pick first round (round 5)??
  4. This is a H2H 10 team, 9 cats Dynasty league. We have to keep 4 players each year. This year, i have the following players to choose from: Butler Turner Lowry Embiid Gobert K Thompson Millsap Which 4 would you choose? why? So far, people have been stating the following: Turner, Butler, Gobert, Lowry or Turner, Butler, Gobert and Thompson. One person is offering the 5th round draft pick (so our first round after keepers) for Gobert (or maybe Lowry). I love Embiid and
  5. How do you rate his in a dynasty league? I got both Turner and Gobert as possible keepers, along with Embiid but something tells me giving this guy up is like giving up AD. Anyone feel the same way in keeper leagues?
  6. I have to pick 4 and some people are offering their draft picks for guys like gobert. Who would you keep in this roster? it is a H2H 10 team dynasty league. butler turner gobert embiid millsap klay T Lowry Thanks everyone!!
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