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  1. i have no need for this guy. im punting boards (but not blocks) and he doesnt block. literally the only thing he offeres me is FG%. bye bye
  2. Marc Curry! I was needing 3's tonight and this dude is money
  3. this guy is such trash. He's a drop in 12 teamers. I'd rather stream his bum a** spot
  4. You're so clueless. Hang onto him because you drafted him in the 3rd round! You people and your sunk cost. I'm fine with getting Brogdon for him and picking McGee off the bench.
  5. these games have been too far and in between. He needs to do this more often
  6. He's been beasting...with a 3 to match tonight!
  7. That shows how little you know about fantasy if you think this years compares to last.
  8. you dont trust your eyes. Mitch Rob is trash. His ranking doesnt mean sh@t, and he's not winning you anything.
  9. Guys on the wire also have low TOs and High FG% (Theis off the top of my head). Mitch rob is trash. wake up.
  10. this is a beta answer. Be a man and stand by your words.