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  1. it's ridiculous the way players are coddled. They infantilize these players. Imagine babying a 6'7'' 280 pound player in Aaron Judge. It's so soft and beta.
  2. They think he cracked his rib in SEPTEMBER of last year. It takes 6 weeks for cracked ribs to heal completely on their own. Boone said he'll be having it re-examined in a few weeks as he continues to heal. Why is God's Name is this even an issue right now...8 months, 32 WEEKS later after it happened? It should have healed 5 times over by now!
  3. this dude is garbage. why the thread at all?
  4. I see he's aiming for a June return, latest possibly July. He's a good source for Ks that can be picked up off the wire right now. You guys touching him after his TJS?
  5. He could be starting in the Red Sox lineup. I remember him being a good plug in for steals at times when he played for Cincy.
  6. Wouldn't mind picking up the number 5 prospect in all the MLB if he can stick in the rotation. Any Padres fans out there that can lend any info?
  7. So is this guy going to keep pitching 4 inning games preventing him from getting W's or let him pitch a further into the games?
  8. definitely wait it out. But we havent even started the playoffs yet in my league and this is the last week, but it won't get finished, and there are 3 teams on the bubble. We have to wait or I have to refund the whole league.
  9. why is he xranked 15 in yahoo leagues?
  10. He's on DND list because of last year. I just cant get that taste outta my mouth no matter how hard I try