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  1. Workman is the worst closer in the league.
  2. best hitter in the league right now. damn
  3. same here. Yahoo is a joke. Im trying to pick up Albies who got dropped but T. Hernandez they're telling me is not the IL
  4. F'ing robbed af a 'W' again. I cant believe how much the Arizona bullpen sucks. Get out of there Zac, they don't deserve you
  5. I suck at streaming. This guy is a worse version of Robbie Ray with them walks. Ugh
  6. Trash, trash, trash. So sick of this dead weight.
  7. damn it, he pulled something and out of the game, this dude is a joke. made of glass. [...]
  8. will this guy ever hit like he did in the 1st half of last year? so tempted to move on
  9. that's stupid. Ill trade him though.
  10. it's nice to pick up a SP1 off the wire.🤑 1st complete game of his career tonight.
  11. We all got hoodwinked. This dude sucks