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  1. Haven't updated my signature in a while. No I don't have a pg, been streaming guards all year since Bev went down and Avery has been trash.
  2. What does the rest of your team look like? I'm leaning Butler side as well, but Steph is Steph and if you're a good WW ninja then I'm always for taking the best player in the trade and then streaming.
  3. I need a pg, but my team is punt assists. Kanter has been beasting but Lonzo is intriguing since he's capable of filling up the stat sheet. His FG and FT are terrible though. He could be a decent keeper though to build around next year. Thoughts?
  4. I would take Richardson. No idea where Tyreke will end up and what his role will be.
  5. If you're receiving Beal then yes. He's going to take a FG hit though I think.
  6. Trying to package either of these dudes for Kawhi. Who has a better ROS season outlook with both of their teams getting a major piece back in both Jabari and Milsap? Who takes the bigger hit? Middle or Harris?
  7. Middleton. They put up similar stats, but Lowry just doesn't look right this year. He has a history of regressing near the end of the season due to injury. Raps bench looks good so they might trot out Delon / FVV more.
  8. AD + waiver is better than LMA + Teague. I'd do this deal in a heartbeat.
  9. Question: why do you have to make this decision now? At this point in the season, I'd take Capella and punt FT next year. But Turner has the higher ceiling and can help in more cats.
  10. Meh. If you're first, I don't see any of those guys as major upgrades.
  11. Lavine, Rondo, Seth in that order imo. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/683521-aminu-vs-gallo-vs-markkenen/
  12. Punt assist team in the sig. 3-0 so far. Eyeing both Aminu and Seth Curry on the WW. Not sure if I need to make any moves. Been trying to work a 2 for 1 trade, but no one is biting. My drop candidates are Markkenan and Gallinari. Need a second opinion.
  13. Yes I would rather have Middleton + Seth than Russell + Young
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