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  1. It would’ve been HUGE if Mattison could have played tonight.
  2. Woohoo, 1st and goal from the 9. And the Vikings get the ball first in the 2nd half.
  3. Such a shame that Cook or Mattison isn’t playing for the Vikings tonight. If they were, it would be a Vikings slam. I still have faith since the Vikings are the better all around team. But it won’t be easy. Lets get this started!
  4. Yet another bullshit call favoring the Packers. Would have/should have been Bears ball with great field position. Instead a gift from the refs, and now the Packers score. It’s just unbelievable. God I hate the Packers. Not only the refs favor them, nobody has had such a cupcake schedule this season.
  5. I’m going with Edelman, only news I’ve got is he’s starting. They better not pull him damn it.
  6. Just typing in google Julian Edelman. People are saying he won’t play the whole game. I need points after sitting Lamar Jackson.
  7. What have you heard? This week is different for Edelman injury wise. They were talking about sitting him this week. Are you playing him? My other option is Zach Pascal on MNF vs the Saints. Who would you start?
  8. .5 ppr Slayton(Giants) at home VS Miami Zach Pascal @ New Orleans Who would you start? WHIR - Post it
  9. Forget Wentz, the Eagles are horrendous. And now that Jeffery is out, there’s literally no WR’s left that are worth a $#!& for him to throw to. Tanny or Garopolo
  10. Bourne is a red zone threat, and caught 2 TD’s in the 49ers win over the Saints. His best career day. Perriman will be playing on over 85% of the Bucs offensive plays with Evans out, and now that Chris Godwin has been put on IR. Unlike Bourne, he should be the #1 WR going forward. SF 49ers at home vs Atlanta TB Bucs @ Detroit
  11. This is what worries me. If anything happens with Lamar’s injury, the Ravens will take him out. Harbaugh will try to get up on the Jets and as soon as he feels he has the game in hand, will take Jackson out of the game. This will happen, it’s just a matter of when? Like has been said, watch his status closely. Lamar did not practice today. But I have a question, Would you start Tannehill(Titans) at home vs the Texans over Jackson this week?