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  1. Potentially. He should get more PT in Portland, but I honestly haven't watched him on the Kings this year to know whether or not he's washed. If he's got anything left he should be a good source of 3s and stls with decent boards and some scoring.
  2. Thanks. Looks like his last 3 seasons combined he's at 74% on 185 attempts. Not quite the 80% he's at this year, but also a major improvement on his career 64%. I'll take even a slight regression to 75ish to get those tasty stocks and FG/TO efficiency.
  3. Same. Even with players like Jrue and Murray having INJ tags, I'm keeping Isaac in one of those spots. Not gonna watch someone else scoop him up and luck into Isaac playing in the playoffs, even if it's a slim shot.
  4. Any Thunder fans or people who closely follow Noel care to chime in here? Is his FT% this season sustainable? He's a 65% shooter for his career but jumped up to 80% this season. Small sample size with 78 attempts? Did he change up his mechanics or routine?
  5. Foul trouble actually makes me feel a bit better about the line. Thought he just got low minutes and didn't produce but I guess he just never got into a rhythm playing with all those fouls?
  6. Agree. Sucks cause I'm also holding onto Melton hoping at least one of them is gonna get a boost with a trade. Probably gonna even hold Jrue in my IL spot even if he returns, at least until the trade deadline.
  7. "Isaac Lite" is perfect for a waiver wire replacement. Hoping I can grab this guy off waivers. I punt rebounds so I didn't know if he'd be great value for what I plan on spending on him, but I was surprised to see that he actually jumps up in the ranking in a punt rebound build. The only thing he doesn't do is make an occasional 3 like Isaac did, but the stocks/low TOs are definitely there and he's actually a better impact on both percentages. Hoping for a trade to really boost up that value.
  8. Hell yeah. He's pretty damn good at basketball too.
  9. What about the post leads you to believe it’s not a competitive league. Serious question as this is my first year playing with FAAB. Is $20/$100 too much or too little?
  10. Per-36 minutes that's what, 1.1-1.2 steals game? Now obviously he has to actually play 36+ for that to matter, but the past 3 games, he's been at around 34 I believe.
  11. This is a Sekou thread, so obviously we're all gonna be biased here, but Sekou looks to be the preferred add over Wood at the moment, even if only by a hair. Obviously get both if you can, but if you only have the shot at one, Sekou is the choice methinks.
  12. Yeah, my thoughts are sorta based around a Drummond deal or a Blake shutdown. If for some reason Drummond isn't traded and Blake plays most of the remaining games, I'm less optimistic about Sekou, but I'm playing the odds that at least one of things happen and Sekou gets a big boost in usage.
  13. Just fouled out trying to fight over a screen. I didn't watch any of the first half but caught most of the second. He didn't have the flashiest line, but I'm overall encouraged with what I saw. My quick thoughts... He played 34 minutes and was well on his way towards 36+ because he was closing the game (notably over Christian Wood, who subbed in for him when Sekou fouled out). He was tasked with guarding both Lebron and AD at various times, which shows Casey trusts him. He got up 12 shots, tied for 2nd most on the team, four of them being from 3 point land. Had he shot a bit better, his line would've looked much nicer as he already scored 11 points with 1 3pm, 5 boards, 1 block, and only 1 TO. It's not a flashy double double like the previous two games, but like I said, I'm encouraged. Especially considering the matchup against the Lakers and the fact that he exerted a lot of energy guarding Lebron and AD. Pick him up now if he's still available. The upside is too massive not to take a gamble on.
  14. In a competitive league where there are sharks circling the waters, he may not last a couple more days, let alone games.