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  1. Haven’t watched any Bengal games. Is Higgins really burrow’s preferred target over Boyd?
  2. [...] Seems like a no brainier stash, but anyone know if there’s a timetable in his return?
  3. On the bright side, with all the FO and coaching changes, maybe they actually will show why they moved a high draft pick for him
  4. I used to be blinded by Hurst too. Maybe when Julio gets back, the offense will open up and he’ll be what we thought he’d be, but at this point Hooper is a bit more reliable imo
  5. Was so high on him pre-season, now I can't wait to drop him for Hooper. So much so that I got irrationally mad that waivers don't clear until tomorrow instead of the usual time tonight.
  6. Stock up with the dak injury right? With the weapons they have, the offense should be good enough to drive down the field but with Dalton at qb, they shouldn’t be finishing them off with TDs right? Or am I really underestimating how bad he is. lol
  7. Starting him for the first time. Hoping we strike gold here like some of us did with JRob.
  8. Only thing stopping me from picking him up is that I already have Ryan, Julio, and Hurst. Then again, that offense should be humming when Julio is 100%
  9. Anyone afraid about how bad the Falcon's D is? My initial thought its they'll be down big a lot meaning they're less inclined to kick FGs. Am I overthinking this?
  10. For people that owned him in the past, is the Falcon's record of 0-4 something to worry about?
  11. Anyone feel confident enough to have him be your WR2 ros? [...]
  12. Looking to drop him for Gostkowski since he's already had his bye.
  13. Seems like this was a floor game. And I'll absolutely take this kind of line as a floor.
  14. Only checked into the game twice, and both times brown has been out there over Henderson. Anyone know what’s going on?