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  1. Lol every f*****ng time JJJ is out and he has a chance to blow up in a Clarke he gets hurt. This is like the third time this year
  2. I'm fortunate enough to be able to hold a bit longer to see if he starts to get back to minutes in the late teens and stars to produce again. But I think he's looking like a drop for those of you who can't take duds like this.
  3. Just wish he would get more than 22ish mpg. Even a bump up to 26 would be awesome.
  4. Need those stocks back pretty boy. Otherwise, keep doing your thing.
  5. Didn't watch the game, so thanks everyone for pointing out his foul trouble. Like Sakmaster mentioned, he's been a consistent top 70 value even in his limited minutes. I'm definitely holding.
  6. Been looking for a blocks specialist. Definitely helps that he can hit a three every now and then too. Just hoping he's not too bad of a ft killer.
  7. Should've sold when I had the chance a few weeks ago. To be clear, I don't think he's gonna be this bad, but with Dieng coming in, JVal beasting lately, this slump, etc. there's a bit to be worried about.
  8. I have since last Monday, but I can afford it. It probably depends on your situation.
  9. Totally see your argument, but someone in the Isaac thread made a fair counterpoint to it, which I'm inclined to side with (again, being biased lol). I'm just gonna copy/paste it.... "Applying for the DPE is just another form of salary cap workaround. The denial means they view his injury not significant enough and he has a good chance of returning. They're amidst of a playoff spot and just trying to get added advantage." So yeah, the NBA deemed Isaac not guaranteed to be out for the season, but on the team side, you can view it as them just doing their due diligence. They know they're in reach of the playoffs and since they're without one of their guys for who knows how long, might as well try to game the system and get another healthy body to help that playoff push, regardless of Isaac's timetable.
  10. We're complaining about tonight's line? 17-8-6 with 2 3s and only 2 TOs isn't bad at all. The shooting could've been better for sure, but 6/14 isn't horrible. His usage might've dropped compared to early season, but considering Dipo is back, it's not horrible. Using the last 3 games, first two with Dipo back in the starting lineup and tonight with no Dipo, he's either led or tied the team lead in shot attempts and averaged 6.6 apg. Once his shot starts to fall more in line with his season/career numbers, the points will come as well. I'm not worried one bit.
  11. Ok, so I'm completely biased as I have him stashed, but I think there's room to at least be hopeful for a return sometime in early to mid March. He was injured Jan. 1st and was said to be re-evaluated in 8-10 weeks. So as early as March 1st-ish and as late as March 15th-ish. Let's play the optimistic card and say he's evaluated March 1st and gets good news. That gives him two weeks to get in playable shape for hopefully a fantasy playoff run. He may not be 100%, and the Magic would surely be pretty cautious with one of their cornerstones, but if they continue to be in the playoff picture and he's been cleared to play, I think they'd put him out there. It's a lot that needs to go right, to be sure, but it's still a chance. I guess my point is we can't say for sure that he won't be back by fantasy playoffs. I'm definitely gonna be rooting for Magic wins from here on out and continue to stash hoping for good news early March, even if it means we don't necessarily get him at 100%. And if you have a 1st round bye, it makes even more sense to stash imo. EDIT: Yeah, yeah, I know the last we've heard/seen was that he was still on crutches a few(?) days ago. But, we're still 3 weeks from the potential early re-evaluation. I'm nowhere near being a medical guy, but maybe 3 weeks is enough to shed the crutches. Idk, just trying to be glass half full here.