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  1. HAHA what’s league breaking about it. It’s very fair actually
  2. Huerter is the safer option. Go 2 years just in case he doesn’t pan out and hawks makes changes to roster that affects him . But 3 years isn’t a bad option at All.
  3. Tough one really but I don't think you can go wrong with either Capela or Gobert. But I'll give Gobert slight edge over Capela. Also, Mitchell > LaVine if you have the option of using either.
  4. Y! 9 Cat Standard - Vuc + Rose or Holmes + Jrue? WHIR 100% Please leave link. Thanks in advance.
  5. He just SUCKS. As simple as that. Traded for him 2nd week and I am regretting it like no other.
  6. haha..i bet you'll have better luck with powerball man.
  7. Anyone up for it? Thinking of setting up an auction league on thanksgiving day - $200 - $250? Will be on Yahoo. LS Majority vote. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will set one up.
  8. Will have the draft tonight if possible. If not, Sunday. Let's get it going guys!! Will get it going for 6 min 12 max.
  9. Draft Friday at 11:30 PM ET. 14 Teams so far. LS Majority vote. With all these injuries/suspensions, this is your chance to salvage this season. Let's get one last league in. 5 Paid, 2 Committed to pay by tomorrow. Just need 5 more. Playoff: 1st/2nd/3rd - 1500/700/400Regular Season 1st - 400First 12 to pay are in.