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  1. Ok that's a joke right? Someone tell me it's a joke. But it makes sense why Warriors did it if those are the kinda offers that's out there.
  2. Payton > Beasley > Troy > Melton. To me Melton is overrated. Got his opportunity and didn't do much with it at all.
  3. Yahoo H2H Std 9 Cat. 12 T. Give up Lord Cov+Gobert for Day-to-day-vis. Too much? Just right? Thanks in advance. WHIR 100% Please leave link. Thanks.
  4. Have to add LNj to that Losers list 100%. Love, Drummond. He is DEAD!!
  5. Did this guy kill Dan and Tony's dog or something? Like kid clearly has the talent but he FLAT out refuses to play him even in a much shortened rotation with dire need of bodies. So damn weird.
  6. I get it but I'd think they are better off waiting till off season and package DLo and their 1st round pick for something even better. The way things stand, I don't see them getting anyone nearly impactful enough to make any difference to their run to NBA finals next season. But DLo+1st could bring a piece that could lead them to another dynasty kinda run for next 3/4 years.
  7. Wonder what changed to entice Warriors tbh. Really didn't think anyone could offer them anything until offseason for DLo tbh but there must be some real good piece coming their way for them to consider the trade. Can't be just tax relief trade for them.
  8. So tempted to stash Dieng tbh. He literally could be a difference maker in almost any scenario where he gets 25+ min. Rockets. Hawks, wherever!
  9. Doesn’t matter. Warriors have one and ONLY one goal next season, get back to NBA finals. Picks won’t help them with that. They don’t have cap to sign a big name In the off season. If anything, DLo + a top pick next year gets them a better player who fits that system as well. Min are stupid if they think they can entice them with what they have,
  10. Hope it happens but if it's contingent upon DLo going to MIN, I don't think it happens. Really don't think Warriors are in a rush to trade DLo
  11. HAHA what’s league breaking about it. It’s very fair actually