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  1. Frank Ntlikina is the French Garbage ftfy
  2. It's time for the French Prince to begin his ascension to his throne in Detroit. On another note, can we coin "the French Prince" as a thing? has a nice ring to it like "the Greek Freak"
  3. He just stuffed AD after switching off of LeBron in the high P&R. Not to mention hounding LeBron as much as he could. Love to see the effort and aggression. Also, the Pistons have no good ball handlers (besides Rose). Would love to see Sekou get some reps in bringing the ball up the court in the future.
  4. Totally unrelated to the French Prince, but damn Thon Maker is so bad at basketball.
  5. I drafted him with my 1st round pick in my dynasty league this year. I've been saying this to everyone in my league - he has (apart from Zion), the most raw athleticism and skills combination, and very well likely the second highest ceiling of this draft class (Yes, higher than Morant or Barrett). Also just food for thought - he was taken 15th overall. Some other guys drafted 15th? Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard P:
  6. Ah man, Elie Okobo starting over him doesn't really give me a good feeling. I hope he gets traded to a team where he'd be appreciated. Can you imagine this kid playing the Ariza role on the Rockets? So much potential..
  7. As a guy who's owned Bridges over the past 2 years in a dynasty league, I'd like to chime in here with my 2 cents! First, I think a lot of us (including myself) fell into having very high expectations after some lofty projections from BBallmonster this offseason. We all expected him to take on the mantle from Kemba (as the most talented player on a s---y team). I don't think any of us saw Devonte Graham or PJ Washington to be so good this season, eating into Miles' touches. Last but not least... the Hornets this year are sneakily good (nowhere near as bad as everyone makes them out to be). The thing with Miles this year is that he actually has improved in almost all aspects (at least from my eye test). First, his defense is much improved - he stays in front of his man, bites fewer pump fakes, and closes out opposition quicker on help D. His stock numbers this season are much simply lower this year because a) he has to guard the best opposition player (can't really gamble as much as he did last year) and b) the help defense on the Hornets this year on the wing are god-awful with Rozier, Bacon, and Graham. It's also noteworthy that I don't think Miles is an elite defensive talent, but he's usually forced on to guarding the opposition's primary scoring threat purely due to his athleticism. Secondly, it's obvious from watching Hornets games that his shot and handles are improved from last year. The reason he's putting up lower FG% than last season (and occasional FG% stinkers) is because he's much more comfortable in his shot compared to last season and is diversifying his shot selection (last season, much of his points came from rolling to the basket, dunks, or corner 3s). Bridges reminds me of a mix of Otto Porter and Jaylen Brown, both who started to put things together in their 3rd-4th NBA seasons. Bridges' BBall IQ is not that high, has tunnel vision here and there, and his handles aren't reliable enough for him to produce his own shot consistently yet. But his court vision is good, transition play is excellent, and has the insane athleticism and work ethic to be a potential all-star level player. I honestly think the Bridges we expected this season (4th round fantasy type of a guy) will likely show up midway through next season, and his full breakout will happen in about 2 years. This year, if you're not in a dynasty league, feel free to cut Bridges, but if you're in a dynasty league, hold on for a few more years. He's a long term project player, that I don't think the Hornets will abandon.
  8. I think it's more correct to label as Walton a defense-oriented coach, who is trying to grind out results to make the post-season. From Walton's perspective, it'd be very hard to put in Bagley down the stretch because of how poor his defense is in comparison to Holmes' defense. I think the best thing would be to hope that the Kings fall out of playoff contention so they have no better options than to focus on youth development, ala the Grizzlies.
  9. Given how well the Kings were playing with the Bjelica/Holmes 4-5 combo, it was always going to be a bit of a process integrating Bagley in. Him averaging 14-7 in 23 minutes over the past 4 games indicates to me when the ramping up is done (slowly but surely) he's going to be putting up the 20-10 that we all expect him to. There are some positives that I see - his shooting stroke is smooth, his tunnel vision is a bit less and is trying to find other options if the lane isn't clearly open to him, and his defense (despite still being pretty s---y), is better. He's scary as hell in transition... which leads to my negatives. First off, the Kings seem hell bent on playing at a slow pace, which wastes much of Bagley's strengths in transition. His FT rate is also alarmingly low - but I'm willing to give this a few more games to see whether it's just Bagley still getting into form, or Walton not calling proper plays for Bagley. Lastly, it is obvious that Bagley is not a small ball center, but a PF who doesn't have the consistency from range to be a stretch-4 in the NBA yet. This really needs to be worked on because Bagley only has 2 reliable moves - driving in from the right for the jump hook with his left hand, and his quick double jump to cleanup putbacks. That really says how talented this guy is, because I'm sure with just those 2 skills and an occasional 3 pointer, he's going to be a 20/10 guy in this league. All in all, I'd feel much more confident in this guy's ceiling if Joerger was still the coach, or if he was in any organization not named the Kings. But hey, I still feel good about putting his floor as a top60 guy as the season goes on. If you're in a dynasty, HODL.
  10. You guys gotta understand - playing Bagley is an absolute must for the Kings... he's easily their most talented player with the highest ceiling (yes higher than Fox and Buddy) and he needs all the game time he can get. What is best for your fantasy teams is not what is best for the franchises - stop being so whiney lol
  11. I dont think you watch the Sixers enough raggi01. The sixers have 0 reason to play Ennis or even Korkmaz over Thybulle if he can sustain his 40-42% shooting and stretch the floor. Thybulle's defense is overwhelmingly better than anything else the guys can provide (even Korkmaz' improved offense).
  12. I'm going to go against the grain and suggest Trae Young. His average ADP was somewhere around 20-30, and he's currently ranked 16th so far. I don't think his ceiling for the year is higher than that due to the obscene amount of TOs he gets every game. If you can get a surefire top 10 guy in return, I'd pull a trigger.
  13. Drafted this guy in my dynasty league (I love defensive specialists with a clean shooting stroke), and I'm impressed with how much he has improved since the first game of the season. His elbows flare less in his shots and his shooting motion is less of a 2-step release than before. This causes him following through more in his shots, and resulting in less shots front-rimming. In addition, he looks much more comfortable coming off screens, and stepping 1 step aside before firing. I do think that his stocks potential will actually settle in a bit lower than what we think once he gambles a bit less (steals should be stay the same, but his blocks should dip a bit). Definitely think by next year, 1.5-2-1.2 club is not out of the question. I'm excited for the future!
  14. Bam is ranked like top 60 this year? Bagley's floor will likely be around 75, and if he puts up the # he posted after allstar break last year, might even head towards top 50-40. I don't think that trade was as bad as people are making out to be, especially if the guy believes in MB3's upside.
  15. I can see Isaac averaging somewhere around 17-18 points per game by the end of season. His handles have definitely improved, and his pullup shot and lowpost-ups are also pretty clean. He has an underrated offensive skillset, and does well in a system where Clifford doesn't call much plays for him. I'm hoping for a Gordon trade that will unleash Isaac's full potential.