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  1. Concur with the general consensus on waiting. You have a backup plan if necessary so you’re good. Should know before the kickoff on Monday if the game will be played. I myself have Herbert incase Allen can’t go. Thanks for the help on mine.
  2. Kelley for sure! Thanks for help with mine
  3. Sanders vs Pittsburgh Mixon vs Baltimore
  4. Down by 6.2. Opponent has Kelce. I have CEH, Ridley, Crosby, and Chiefs D.
  5. Starters: Allen Bench: Hunt Foles John Brown Sanders Renfrow CEH Tate DJ Moore Higbee Ridley Herbert Chark Waller Mixon Saints Crosby
  6. WR3 dilemma... Brown vs. Rams Davis @ MIN
  7. With Julio out, Gage is the play here. Thanks for helping with mine.
  8. I like Cooks over Harry. Thanks for helping with mine.
  9. I like Kupp and OBJ. Rams will be forced to keep up with Allen. I like the matchup for OBJ. Thanks for helping with mine.
  10. Waller going up against NE Higbee vs Buffalo
  11. Up by 5, I have Waller and NO defense, facing Kamara 🀞🏽🀞🏽🀞🏽
  12. Debating on starting him over Chark. Agreed, love the matchup with Miami.