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  1. DJ isn't my favorite RB in the 3rd round, but if the ones i wanted are gone and hes still there and i need one, i wouldn't feel weird about taking. hoping for upside change of scenery might bring....but it could also just be the final pathetic act in a once promising career.
  2. if you can get him for free why not. will probably be a covid casualty for fantasy owners, but a desperate irl team might give him a shot if they lose someone for a few weeks. if he signs before the draft the most i would pay for him now is 7th round.
  3. `NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports several Cowboys and Texans players have tested positive for COVID-19 recently. Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL's chief medical officer, on a conference call in May said, "We fully well expect that we will have positive cases that arise ... Our challenge is to identify them as quickly as possible and prevent spread to any other participants." Rapsheet added, "None of the players are believed to have been in their team facilities. The teams followed proper health protocols." The NFL is expected to continue to do everything in their power to safely move forward with the 2020 season. Ezekiel Elliot among the confirmed.
  4. i think the discussion on whose fault sort of misses an essential truth. its going to be very bad for baseball long term if all the other sports can figure out how to play their games in offseason and baseball can't get it together for a shortened season. i know both parties agree in the correctness of their position....and i won't dispute the arguments either side have. but we all lose if they can't compromise.
  5. im not sure how to make all the parties whole here, but the lack of baseball has been a hole in my life. the salaries of baseball are inherently broken because the failure rate for prospects is so high. team average is 132 million for payroll. there will probably be a number of teams who will lose money without the attendance figures. there are teams that could probably survive. what is a reasonable amount of money for the owners to make. yikes. glad im not involved negotiating this mess.
  6. watch him tweak his back in training camp and miss 9 games
  7. please block anyone from editing the first 10 pages or so. they serve as an excellent time capsule piece. i hope we play baseball this season, but the chances of this going away this summer are diminishing.
  8. wow. my memory sucks. its crazy to think Tom is 3 years older than Manning was in his last season, 4 years older than Marino's last season....older than Favre....TB12 is obviously doing something right.
  9. Manning started hot his final season, but faded big time coming down the stretch. I don't think the issue will be with Brady's ability to throw...I think his body will quit on him before his ability to pass degrades. Being able to recover from the weekly abuse playing NFL causes..... but I agree with some of the other posters....I am not seeing him being a difference maker in fantasy overall in terms of raw numbers. should outperform his ADP.
  10. it really comes down to #12 for me, if he can stay healthy. if he finishes the season, he will be the 6th oldest quarterback to ever start a game in the NFL. he has defied father time until now.. but like a gambler on a hot craps table who keeps upping his bets....we know the big red is coming.... just don't know when.
  11. Luck is leaving a lot of money behind.
  12. Junior Seau would like you to know how important making the Hall of Fame meant to him.
  13. looking at Boris Chen's list.....id say around pick 75 is when he will be on my radar depending on how the draft goes. but he certainly should be gone by pick 90 IMO.
  14. that was the single greatest moment in the history of the internet* * - and by internet i mean these forums
  15. 6 consecutive seasons with 100 catches. I think i would take him over AJ Green.