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  1. Yeah I would do that...good return for you if you need big man stats.
  2. 14 team, 9 cat, H2H redraft league...fighting for a playoff spot and another manager has asked me about my Bradley Beal. I am having a bit of trouble constructing a deal that would benefit me, so what should I ask for in a trade where I give up Beal? Some of the players he has that interests me: DeRozan, D.Russell, Gallo, Tobias Harris, Graham, Lavine, FVV
  3. All the guys Denver dealt weren't in the rotation most nights, so they swapped them out (two of whom are RFAs after the season) for equal guys who likely are not a part of the rotation most nights (maybe Napier gets 10-15 minutes a night) and they get a 1st out of it, which they could use ahead of tomorrow's deadline, perhaps to get another wing or maybe a 2-guard.
  4. Yes obviously...the article says Wiggins would have to be in any deal though, not that the Warriors want Wiggins in a deal where they are trading Russell. I don't think they want to commit 3 years and 90+ million when they are trying to get out of the luxury tax (or at least limit it). I guess stranger things have happened...
  5. Yeah...source someone who actually has some cred in the NBA trade circles.
  6. Yeah but you cannot act like it's a lock we will sign a stud in 2021. Despite the core we have built and the presence of Masai, the likelihood of signing someone in 2021 that would be better than what Jrue currently is is quite low IMO. I get not wanting to take on the salary of a bad contract with an overpaid player, but Jrue Holiday is a stud and would be a great fit for the team structurally and culturally.
  7. Whoa...whoa...whoa...whoa!!! How dare you say there is a zero percent chance they would trade for Wiggins when, if possible, there would be a negative percent chance they would trade for him. The ESPN Trade Machine just gives people a chance to build whatever fantasy trade they want instead of logically thinking out a deal...smh! Not surprised a Lakers fan would make a post about a rival (and superior) team taking on a terrible contract.
  8. I would go Wood or Brunson. Wood has major upside and can perform in limited minutes, while Brunson benefited a lot the last time Luka was out and is worth a dice roll for sure. please help
  9. You definitely have to pull the trigger here with your big man depth...Russell will be good ROS, even with Curry back. please help
  10. Isaac isn't playing this year...don't think OPJ ends up playing this year either. I would grab Millsap and OPJ for now though in case OPJ does play. please help
  11. I would drop Wright for Garland or Napier, especially if you need to replace some assists you'll lose with Luka out. please help
  12. An A from me - DD has had a good year but Embiid is on another level and has more upside ROS. please help
  13. I'd drop Payton for have enough assists and he offers less upside than Washington ROS. please help