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  1. Yeah I wouldn’t burn number 1 on him please help
  2. I would start with something that includes two of Hayward, Horford, Graham, and then maybe a lower end piece. Also, maybe Siakam or Bam straight up would get it done. please help
  3. Yeah you gotta pull the trigger, even with the injury concerns for PG. Bam has been a beast and is a stud, but this is too good to say no to. please help
  4. Other than getting two top 5-10 players in fantasy, there is no pairing that I would say is close to fair value for Harden. So ultimately, yes, make this trade. If he asked for Doncic/Kawhi or Doncic/Jokic, I would be hesitant for sure, but this is one offer you cannot pass on. please help
  5. Paschall for me...Green will sit a fair amount and I think Spicy P is a part of their future going forward, so they want to see what they have in him. please help
  6. You definitely need to wait for something better with a #1 WW spot in a dynasty league. please help
  7. Powell for me as well...other two players have more defined roles and value ROS. please help
  8. Yeah I would do it as well and drop Noel. please help
  9. Yeah I would take Fultz too...more upside ROS and a clearer path to value. please help
  10. Kleber for me as well...loses a lot of luster when KP is playing. please help
  11. I was approached by the Giannis owner asking if I wanted to trade for Giannis. It's a 14 team, 9 cat, H2H redraft league and I currently sit in the final playoff spot. He offered me Giannis and Dwight Powell for Ingram, Capela, and Morant, which I rejected, as I felt that was too much. What would be a fair offer for Giannis? Top assets - Ingram, Capela, Morant, Barton, Richardson, J.Murray, and Mitch Rob
  12. There is not a single player I would put on an avoid list unless they are for sure missing the entire season. I will avoid players based on their ADP but to completely discount a player is just an amateurish way to approach fantasy baseball.
  13. Just put Draymond at the 5 and Paschall at the 4...WCS and Spellman aren't good and Looney is never healthy.
  14. 14 team, 9 cat, H2H...pick 2: Osman, Hart, Teague, Napier, Paschall?
  15. Only swap I would consider is Lee over the Big Ragu, but I think it's close enough you could go either way.