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  1. 38 out of the 3,185 total samples taken for MLB players/staff were positive. https://mobile.twitter.com/JeffPassan/status/1279155338219061251
  2. That's odd. If I'm understanding that right that would suck for fantasy leagues. If they are just out of the lineup and we don't know if they are on the COVID IL, then leagues/fantasy sites won't be able to put them in an IL spot. They'll just be dead weight until they come back again.
  3. Then they may as well focus on 2021 and the upcoming CBA, because some players and personnel are going to continue to test positive. I can't imagine MLB and the MLBPA are naive enough to think otherwise, or they wouldn't be negotiating still. Edit: Welp, maybe the positive tests have spooked them after all: Jared Diamond and Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal report that MLB officials are "revisiting a long-abandoned 'bubble' plan" for the 2020 season after multiple COVID-19 diagnoses among the league ranks.
  4. I'm not sure why players testing positive would be considered a nail in the coffin. They had to expect that this was going to happen. It was and is inevitable. They either have a way to mitigate and deal with it, or no sports. If everyone is going to freakout and shut everything down when there are positive tests, then there's no point in even attempting sports at this point. The good news is it's pretty clear teams are being very proactive with testing already to help prevent widespread outbreaks. Same with college football with students getting back on campus.
  5. That's a good point. I'm sure the MLBPA is throwing that fact back at the owners, even though I haven't seen anything other than TX allowing 50% capacity as of right now. I agree the 48 games is a joke. Hopefully the players don't budge from around 80.
  6. True. He'll definitely be one I'm targeting if I wait on QB but can't wait too long. Rodgers is down there also, but it's still basically him and Adams on that offense.
  7. So looking at the rankings, it's pretty crazy where he's ranked in Yahoo right now, unless I'm just looking at their rankings wrong. They have Joe Burrow ahead of him based on projections for this year. I get that he's an old man, but their offense actually improved from last year with Emmanuel Sanders and Ruiz in the 1st round to help their line. He's almost low enough to get him as a 2nd QB in some leagues. That's basically cheating in 2 QB leagues. Not sure if he was this low last year, but he was the #6 QB 2 years ago, and missed a chunk of games last year that obviously effected his numbers.
  8. Which is a big issue for public health officials in particular.
  9. When Tom Hanks got it was when the đź’©really hit the fan. The good news is the man has been shot in 'Nam, had unprotected sex with a woman with AIDS, been stranded on an island alone for years, and survived being kidnapped by Somali pirates. COVID? Pffff
  10. Absolutely. No issue with that at all. I was talking mainly about the people, for example, that had spoken out against one, but encourage the other.
  11. Agreed. I should've been more specific. *Some* media and health officials.
  12. Nope, sure didn't. Try protesting vs working.
  13. It really is amazing the complete 180 that the media and even some health officials are trying to pull off in regards to the virus. Now many are claiming that if there is a spike in cases due to the protests, everyone should just look the other way because the cause is just. As if the people that had to permanently close their businesses/lost their jobs didn't have a good enough reason. I guess being consistent is just too much to ask for some of these people. It's like some of them just expect everyone to forget how the last 3 months played out.
  14. So under this proposal, players considered to be "high risk" have the option to opt out and not play. That makes sense. It also says any other players can opt out, not be paid, but still get service time. That sucks for leagues that already drafted. I wonder how many players there are that would be considered high risk? I know David Dahl is one that I had read about due to having his spleen removed.
  15. This would be good news, if true. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-italy-virus/new-coronavirus-losing-potency-top-italian-doctor-says-idUSKBN2370OQ