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  1. He sprained his ankle and came back for a bit in the 2nd quarter. He didn't enter the game during the 2nd half. It may be a precautionary measure considering his sore knee. The Pistons have 3 days off so might as well not take any risks.
  2. Is Beal approaching the rank of general soreness?
  3. What do we expect if for example he gets 20 minutes a night? George Hill numbers?
  4. I'm not sure if playing IT4 big minutes will earn the Wizards some goodwill around the league but you can be sure IT4 will make himself heard if he doesn't get what he's promised. He is a big roadblock alongside the decision making of Brooks to a path for more minutes. Gary's defensive playstyle may be risky like Thybulle but they both always bring the energy on that end. He's not even in foul trouble right now.
  5. Cons 1. Scott 2. Brooks 3. The Wiz seem intent on keeping their promise to IT2 regarding opportunity. 4. Ernie is fired. The new management is likely more capable than the previous one. IT2 means no defense resulting to more losses which they want for a higher pick. They must know that this is a lost season with all the injuries the Wiz have. 5. They are only over the maximum roster size because of the hardship exception. Someone needs to be cut when their injured players return. Pros 1. This is basically a tryout season for the team. They want capable rotation players for next season when their chances of going deep into the playoffs are better. 2. Ernie is fired. Their offense may not be lacking but their defense is for both perimeter and interior. Gary is a disruptive player. The new management may see him as a potential piece to solve that problem. 3. I don't like this but the possibility of Beal being load managed is there. The ink is dry on his new contract. No supermax to chase and no games played streak. The doubts on him possibly being an injury prone player were already alleviated. It is truly a wait and see scenario. His ability to get steals looks like it can be carried over from the G League to the NBA though granted, they are both against the Knicks. Still, the Knicks are currently 25th on the ease rankings for the steals category. I haven't checked if the Knicks rotations have been drastically changed by the new coach. Only noticable one is they moved on from Frank to Elfrid.
  6. With the deadline nearing, I'd like to hold onto him for as long as possible. I would only drop him if I feel like I'm going to lose due to lack of games.
  7. He's mostly being used as a stretch 4 recently when he and Embiid are playing at the same time. It's hard to be consistent when all of the Philly starters require a chunk of usage. I'd sell him to our Embiid owner as a handcuff if possible but keeping him is fine with me too as his assists from the C spot is gold to me.
  8. It's about fit and not talent with him. His shooting is what's keeping him from reaching minutes in the 30s. Brooks was staggering him with Beal as the main ball handler because he couldn't be a spot up 3 guy. If Wiz fans had a say, they would like him to run point instead of IT.
  9. Wagner and Bertans has this great mind meld thing going on that I've only previously seen from Jokic and Harris so I feel that Brooks consider them inseparable. Their playing time is predicated on which pair between Rui and Bryant and them are playing better along with foul trouble.
  10. Yeah, I just watched DTB's vid on him and noticed he was getting some nice separation on his defenders. I know NAW got game. I feel like I'm armchairing this when I say that the opening Toronto game really put a damper on his confidence when probably everyone he knows was there for it. I'm just hoping that this game and the Pel's injury woes is a blessing in disguise for him to get that confidence back. He's getting some nice usage whenever he's in a game but the shots just aren't falling which resulted in the decrease in playing time.
  11. Might be worth a stream tomorrow against the weakest defense in GSW with all the injuries the Pels have. Also had a nice line against the Heat though I'm not sure if it is a garbage time special.
  12. The spacing is even worse this season. It's a combination of Dejounte's integration into the lineup and hesitancy to shoot, their wings shooting lower percentages this season, Marcus not keeping his word which made them cut Bertans for nothing, and a decent big that would pair well with Aldridge (Lyles and Jakob not showing significant growth).
  13. Just for this game, remember the Magic are one of the best defensive teams in the league and also one of the worst matchups for bigs. The Spurs are also suffering for lack of spacing this season.
  14. I'd guess Aaron Holiday is the pickup in case he misses time.