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  1. I bet it was CP3 who saw Gobert on the injury report with an illness and pointed it out to the refs.
  2. Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) Tweeted: Reporting with @ZachLowe_NBA: Consensus among owners on Board of Governors call with league office was either continue season with no fans in arenas -- or have NBA take a hiatus for a period time. NBA is expected to have a decision as soon as Thursday on next steps. In the unlikely event that they vote on a hiatus with the Olympics coming up as well (well damn if that is canceled/postponed too), which injured players become more appealing to stash, like for example Isaac.
  3. His leg probably got sliced by a knife he forgot on a bed/sofa after he peeled fruit.
  4. The Suns have one of the easier schedules during default playoff weeks. My concern is their other reliable scorers are dropping like flies in Oubre and Ayton. One of his strengths which is fg efficiency may be greatly affected.
  5. What I remember the most from his Milwaukee stint was the blown layup game winner/buzzer beater off a steal.
  6. Waiver worthy at this point with Rose possibly ofs? He's a better ball handler/playmaker than Brown who is more known for defense.
  7. How does the value trickle down in case Ben misses extended time? Josh>Burks>Milton?
  8. He looks like the odd man out with Bryant back. Mahinmi already established the veteran and defensive presence in Scott's heart. Just entered the game midway through the 2nd quarter.
  9. What's important to note with the Wolves is that they lost a lot of defense in RoCo plus you add D'lo and Beasley which aren't exactly known as plus defenders. JJ is the wrench to those planning to bet on either Juancho or Spellman as he has a known reputation of being a defensive stopper though I have no idea on how he does on that end right now with his limited time on the Heat this season.
  10. Juancho want Baby, I got it Juancho need Do you know I got it? All I'm askin' Is for a little respect~
  11. No, I think Gary Harris numbers when he was still Gary Harris. White's strength is stocks.
  12. https://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/portland-trail-blazers/details-calf-strain-jusuf-nurkic-suffered-practice Considered minor, not on the leg he broke, and not out of the ordinary as his body may still be compensating. PG also had a calf strain six games in when he returned from his injury.
  13. Incoming sell high blurb, thanks Rotoworld!
  14. I think the Mavs are just being realistic about their chances this season. They just want to get their feet wet and integrate Kristaps better. Is Drummond's motor worth a gamble this season and beyond? It is one of the things Pistons fans get annoyed at. Maybe it is the losing, we don't know. Can they match up with the Lakers, Bucks, Clips with him when it matters? How will this prospective big man addition Drummond included help Luka operate better? What about health risks? Do we add Favors to Porzingis? A lot of things to think about.