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  1. Throw in the ASB and we might just have a league winner here. 😂
  2. He could really anchor some lineups going forward if he improves his FG% and can raise his ppg. I needed his 3’s and assists so everything else is gravy.
  3. Ahhh, memories. He looks good w/ the band back together
  4. Nice return for the big fella. If he truly starts scoring more along w/ his other goodies, many will be glad they held or scooped.
  5. Grabbed him off the wire the other day while Noel is out. Really could use those assists. Gonna have to make a decision once Noel comes back.
  6. Is it me or does it seem like ages ago when he was killin’ it game after game looking like a future M.I.P candidate. Where did that guy go?
  7. yeah I might keep, as I love those 3’s when he’s on.
  8. I would love to see him swapped out w/ Dillon Brooks so he can run w/ Ja and JJJ.
  9. He shot close to 42% last year, if he can just creep it up to 44% this year he would be money.
  10. Watching him at his best kinda reminds me when Jason Kidd was with the Nets w/ Kenyon Martin, RJ Jefferson and Kerry Kittles. Kidd would get the rebound and it became a track meet to the other court. He did that some last night w/ the 2nd unit in. He can’t run that style when Holiday and Ingram are in as they are more ball dominate. That’s probably why many were hoping he would’ve gone to PHO last year. He’s an athlete that can’t shoot consistently, but can impact the game because of his athleticism. He needs too many things to work in his favor to be effective while in NOLA but if he continues to work on his “J” he can improve his value immensely.
  11. He is that one dude that you can’t trade away cause nobody wants to give up something decent but you can’t drop cause there isn’t anyone on the wire that matches his averages.
  12. Now this is the offensive game I’ve been waiting on. Nice game tonight.
  13. pretty much, just another day at the office