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  1. Wow fellas I feel the frustration but y’all harsh on my man Kemba. True he’s sucking at the wrong time but I’m sure he’s helped win y'all more matchups then he’s lost. Just not sure the hatred should be carried over to next season. He’ll be ranked accordingly next year and all will be well.
  2. Honestly I’m hopeful but I’m curious to see if he gets back to what he was doing prior to this latest injury. He was playing some of his best ball.
  3. Doesn’t help that his teammates (outside Ingles) rarely pass him the ball. Gotta blame the coach on that one.
  4. He needs to pick things up soon cause he picked a bad time to start slumping. Sheesh!!
  5. Lee is rolling right now. It may take Gasol a few games to get his legs/wind back if at all.
  6. Thanks for the ride Sato....Salute!!!!
  7. The best part of Mikal’s game is that you can plug him in and not have to worry. Dude is the glue that won’t hurt you.
  8. Hey I’ll take it right about now
  9. You don’t realize how much you miss a player until they actually return. Welcome back dear friend.
  10. Well said...once he gained his confidence it all came together for him (and us).
  11. I’m wondering if he’ll eventually unseat Osman
  12. Blowing up!!!!! ...on someone else’s team 😥