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  1. I see you were one of the suckers buying into the “OBJ got a QB upgrade narrative”. How did that work out for you?
  2. Why would Rivera want to go there? WAS is much more attractive from a stability standpoint now that Bruce Allen is gone.
  3. The guy Tennessee thought was worth stealing carries from Kamara. LOL
  4. Probably the right move; I just don’t like selling low in dynasty (I own him in one of my leagues). If he gets healthy (core muscle injury) and does anything at the beginning of next season, you’ll probably get a lot more than if you sell now. Then again, he may just do something dumb between now and then to lower his value.
  5. He’s mediocre without Eli. My response to Evan Silva and all the Giants haters who thought Baker was an upgrade over Eli
  6. I knew someone was going to bump this thread to say this. Anyone still think Tua is better? LOL
  7. GOAT QB. And a great athlete...more agile than DK Metcalf (faster 3-cone and shuttle time)
  8. As long as Tarik Cohen and Nagy are there, Monty's receiving upside is capped. Bad coaching limits good players.
  9. NE over TEN NO over MIN HOU over BUF SEA over PHI
  10. Michael Thomas was trashed by so many "experts" coming out of Ohio State who said he was too old, not a true NFL #1 WR, never put up huge numbers in college, etc. Just a reminder to not believe most of what you hear about these prospects over the next few months.
  11. The day late, dollar short Mike Clay. He hasn't been accurate since he was at PFF -- which is now almost 5 years ago. The biggest concern for Sanders next year IMO is if PHI gets all of its weapons healthy and Wentz spreads the wealth...that would cap his ceiling.
  12. No, what's laughable is not seeing that he was a two-down RB with chronic injuries compared to CMAC who broke Barry Sanders college record for yards. All of which I said back then (no hindsight required). Just accept you were laughably wrong about both RBs and move on. Defending your wrong taeks -- after I called you out for denying you made them -- only digs your hole even deeper.
  13. Well it helps to be right every year more than I'm wrong. Let's see your track record, @Rizzle630. If you had listened to me about CMAC 2 years ago, you'd have had the unquestioned #1 RB the past 2 years.