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  1. Had his annual multi-TD game, and many owners didn’t start him...
  2. He had one and ungratefully trashed him publicly. This is what most NFL WRs deal with when not gifted a 2 time SB MVP targeting them 10 times per game.
  3. He’s never been the same without Eli. It’s obvious.
  4. A lot different than his pace after the first 2 weeks of the season. Always glad not to face him the weeks he scores TDs. That 94 yard run was awesome.
  5. This is the ARod his owners have grown used to over the past 3 years. Gives you nothing with his legs and is on a run first team, so his floor is super low.
  6. ask Mattison owners how easy it is to produce in a cake matchup Gaskin has a rock solid floor. Too bad he’s on bye next week.
  7. Decent, not great. The called-back TD followed by the Foles vulture hurt.
  8. This. Remember that BOB started Tom Savage over Watson after having seen both in practice every day for months. Hugh Jackson...where to begin 🙄
  9. Spot on and underrated comment. Even down to getting fewer than 5 targets per game.
  10. Setting a lineup is a skill. Only those who consistently don’t do it well call it luck and resort to running towards leagues where the rules eliminate it. Best of luck to you as well.
  11. Best ball is for lazy commissioners and managers who don’t want to set lineups. Most of us like setting lineups. Bragging about how little work you’re doing right now is a cool story, bro.
  12. LOL Bell hasn’t exceeded 4 YPC since 2016. He’s not a stud anymore, but can do enough to destroy CEH’s ceiling.
  13. Hardman was hand picked as the Hill replacement (back when he was facing expulsion from the league). Not even comparable.
  14. Because the TDs CEH was about to get as part of positive regression are now going to be split with Bell.
  15. Why would it die? The Bell move just kills CEH’s ceiling, but he can still finish as a low-end RB1/high-end RB2z