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  1. Hilarious because 3 years these forums were full of people who said he was too small and too white to hold up under a feature RB workload, and that someone like Fournette was less likely to get hurt.
  2. Everyone is different; I personally consider zero RB = taking no more than 1 RB in the first 6 rounds. The strict definition I believe is no RBs taken in the first 5 rounds. But remember that even the person largely credited as the creator of zero RB, Shawn Siegele — who became famous for touting the strategy on many of his 2013 NFFC teams that made money — won the $100,000 Primetime Championship first prize that year with a team that wasn’t zero-RB; the team that won he drafted Jamaal Charles rd 1 (bc he’s a Chiefs fan). And like any strategy, it works best when few others are using it. Remember that any writer with strong Rotoviz ties (the company Siegele co-owns) will have a strong bias towards zero RB, even during times (like 2016-2018) where everyone was using it and the winning strategy was to take RBs early instead. Pat Kerrane is one of those writers.
  3. Most of these clowns also thought Lamar Jackson should play WR or RB. Remember that.
  4. Sounds like Demaryius Thomas’s pre-Peyton years. Without the Pro Bowl season Conner has already had, of course. Even if you’re a doctor, future injuries are near impossible to predict. Is Conner higher risk? Sure. So is someone like Fournette — who some on this forum laughably once thought was better and more durable than CMAC. Anyone know Conner’s ADP in early drafts?
  5. He’s not underpaid. The NFL in all its collective wisdom valued him as a 5th round pick which set him into a locked-in salary for his first 4 seasons. But of course those “real football people” on all 32 teams that passed on him at least 4 times during the draft (taking 145 players ahead of him) know “so much more” about player evaluation than we do 🙄
  6. I said from a fantasy perspective. Real-life is a different story, but we don’t care about that here.
  7. These are very intelligent points. No guarantee Bridgewater is a fantasy upgrade over the QB situation they had last year.
  8. DJ was hurt all season as well. He just didn’t whine about it like JuJu and OBJ did.
  9. The guy (Siegele) who won the NFFC in 2013 touting zero-RB didn’t win with any of his zero RB lineups, bc Megatron (who he drafted in several teams) busted in the fantasy playoffs. The team he had that actually won wasn't a zero-RB team — he drafted Jamal Charles early bc he’s a Chiefs fan and JC exploded in the FFL playoffs.
  10. Horrendous comparisons. Theilen has been the clear #1 in MIN by production for years. He is faster, stronger and taller than Diggs — all objective facts. All those others are/were second fiddle. I know Diggs has hype, but he’s yet to outproduce Theilen when both are healthy. Theilen has consistently won in the slot or on the outside for years. So many butthurt Diggs fans have seen Theilen outproduce him for years.
  11. LOL at this. Theilen HAS been the best Minn WR since 2016. Unlike Juju, he actually has produced top-5 seasons while facing #1 CBs. If you think defenses were more afraid of Diggs while Theilen was setting NFL records for 100+ yard games, you either weren’t watching tape or assume that he’s not great bc he is white. I hope taeks like the quoted post push his value down. A phenomenal player to trade for in dynasty leagues right now.
  12. As a cancer survivor, for all his injuries this guy is tougher than the myriad of keyboard warriors mocking his durability. I hope the hate on him continues to push his ADP later in drafts.
  13. Anyone who bases a projection on a single clip is unwise. Remember Ameer Abdullah in his first preseason.
  14. Good luck with that. Lockett was the #4 overall WR last year before he got hurt. Looking forward to seeing the cream rise to the top.
  15. It’s not about fear...I face death daily. It’s about putting others ahead of yourself to not put them in danger. If you’re going to work, respect the guidelines that have kept this virus from overwhelming even more hospitals. The ignorant who mock the potency of this disease by not taking it seriously (just because they don’t see people being struck dead immediately) are those who are putting the most people in danger.