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  1. so you don't see him as a sell high candidate for fringe top 10-15 players a la vucevic, who is off to a slow start? I love his stat line, but his hot shooting is bound to back back down even though 47% is not that high, it is above his career average by quite a bit
  2. * I know some of the players in the NBA have a "low BBal IQ" but that is also relative to their peers, who are, again, the very best in the game. even the "just athletic, low IQ" dudes are still pretty damn knowledgeable I would think
  3. I'm pretty sure most coaches, especially the ones in the NBA, also played ball and/or were involved in organised bball their entire life and became coaches because of their better understanding of the game... I'm not saying you don't know anything about basketball, but do you honestly believe you understand the game better than nba coaches who, just like the players, belong to the very top of % of basketball minds?
  4. that is 3:30 in the morning for me, so I'll either be drunk from staying up or sleepdrunk from waking up at 3 in the morning. either way, can lead to unexpected results
  5. your league sounds weird as s---... Bledose for 5€, Lauri for 9 and Kanter for 1€ in a league that counts DDs?! what happened at that draft? who else went for ridiculous prices?
  6. sorry guys, work again. can't really participate while working and shooting ran late so... Taj Gibson didn't cross my mind but he's a pretty good fit for what I need so I'll take it. annoying someone else by getting him makes it even better
  7. I went with McCollum, ignoring team needs for a big man. At 42 he's more than a safe bet to exceed his ADP and I was kinda surprised he made it to me at that spot
  8. sorry guys, I live in another timezone and got drunk at work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can't complain about the autopick. I'll try to be available for the next rounds, but if I pass the limit, just replace me cause I'm busier than expected.
  9. I joined in the previous years, would like to participate again so count me in
  10. he had a good year in charlotte. he'll most likely be a steal for a contender that gets him on the cheap
  11. I like Kemba but I don't think so. the Lakers aren't going to give up 2 promising rookies for Kemba Walker. the Lakers are most likely the ones to say no. The Hornets could use the change cause Kemba isn't the guy to bring them to the next level but i don't see this trade happening and it's not the Hornets saying no from where I stand
  12. why don't we set one up with other rotoword members? The reason I'm not in more leagues, is because a lot of you fantasy junkies want to play for money, which I refuse to do, because it negates the whole purpose of doing something just for fun. So PM me if you are interested in setting up a new dynasty league
  13. a couple of years ago. the London Sillynannies are a team in the making for a few years now.
  14. steven adams is pretty relevant, but I see what you mean. nonetheless: Kiwi Power Steve deserves respect