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  1. Full settings can be found here:
  2. Should be three spots left, will be creating ESPN league tonight. Teamstake invites are out in the meantime.
  3. First year league with the ambition to become a yearly one (redraft, no keepers). Looking for more owners, 8 out of 12 spots available at the moment. Platform: ESPN Draft: Snake Date: Sun, Oct 20th Time: 4:00 PM ET Payments through TeamStake, which is similar to LeagueSafe but more EU and international friendly. Deposits and withdrawals can be made through PayPal/card. Payout through majority approval. Payouts: 1st: $400 2nd: $150 3rd: $50 Additional info: Head-to-head each category, 9-cat Daily line-ups Single division, 8 teams make the playoffs (three total rounds) PM/Comment for invite or with further questions. Thanks.
  4. I like it. Center rotation is godly although team in general is lacking in blocks but some weeks could be winnable. Melo and Dirk are too risky assets for me personally. Maybe a hot start could offer some nice trade value? Nonetheless, nice haul for a 14-teamer!