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  1. In my 10 team category league I was offered my: Morton, Muncy for his: Bellinger my SPs are: Degrom, Morton, Berrios, McCullerson, Urias, Keuchel, Bundy do I weaken my SP too much? bellinger is obviously the best player in the deal, am I overthinking? I currently have pretty good hitting. Thanks, WHIR
  2. Marte is far and away the best player here, I wouldn’t do it. Jansen is a good closer, but he says he hasn’t felt the same since COVID and he’s still a closer. I would shop around for a less name-heavy closing option or keep your eye on the wire.
  3. It seems like Howard is closer to pitching this year, they both seem like top prospects. I’d drop Mize
  4. His Grienke, W. Smith (C) for my: Contreras, grisham or Grinke, w. Smith, Schwarber for Contreras, Grisham K. Lewis thoughts? I have Ramos as backup and I need pitching. WHIR
  5. A team in my league is extremely low on catcher depth, I have a lot. he offered: Trade: Me: Contreras, Grisham him: Grienke, W. smith (C for the dodgers) he has pretty stacked pitching and needs OFs bad. I can take the OF loss, it would be between Grisham or Lewis for my most dispensable. I also have Wilson Ramos. I was thinking of countering with either Ramos, Grisham for grienke, smith or Contreras Grisham for corbin, smith thoughts? WHIR
  6. Didn’t see a thread, I think undervalued this year. Thoughts?
  7. I would do it, you’re getting a big upgrade at RB, Mattison isn’t worth very much and Rivers isn’t a bad QB. The upgrade to Mixon is worth Prescott to rivers.
  8. I would normally say Shepard but since Tate is back this week it’s hard to predict how he will do. Howard had a great week last week but he hasn’t been amazing. I’d probably go howard due to matchup, but Shepard is also a good play.
  9. Wow what a high scoring TE league. My top 3 here are McDonald, Ebron, or Eifert. If you’re down on mcDonald I’d go Ebron first then Eifert, but they’re close.
  10. I was offered this trade in my 14 team PPR: My A. Hooper for his C. Sutton My team: QB: Rivers, Murray WR: Shepard, Tate, Dorsett, AJ Green, D. Johnson (Pittsburg) RB: McCaffrey, D. Freeman, D. Henry, A. Peterson TE: Engram, Hooper Since Engram and Hooper are currently the #1 and #2 tight ends in my PPR league, I figured I don’t need to hold onto both. Ideally I would try to get a bit more than Sutton, but he seems to be the best WR on the table right now. He also has Golladay and Godwin(both who he doesn’t want to part with) and C. Samuel (who he also offered). I could maybe ask him to include Eric Ebron. Thoughts? whir
  11. In my 14 league PPR league I was considering dropping eddy lacy for tJ yeldon, thoughts?
  12. Fuller has been great but I think you'd be selling low and buying high. His touchdown rate is unsustainable. I'd stay put.
  13. In my 14 team ppr league I really want to pick up josh Gordon but I'm not sure who I would drop. I just made a trade to free up a roster spot but it doesn't go through until tomorrow and I'm afraid someone else might pick him up. Right now my team is as follows: QB: Brees WR: Allen, cooper, diggs, amendola, Shepard RB: Gordon, Abdullah, Powell, woodhead, Morris Te:ertz right now id probably drop amendola for Gordon, or I could drop my kicker matt Bryant, but the wire is weirdly dry of kickers at the moment. Thoughts?
  14. I'd go drake, clearer path to touches
  15. I agree, id drop either Allen or doctson.
  16. I'd also take Martin/hopkins
  17. I'd either take trade 2 and try to flip brown for a top RB or look for other offers
  18. I think I'd keep Detroit but either one is a good option
  19. I'd drop doctson for juju and pick up either of the first three defences
  20. I'd probably do it, especially in your position. I think the upgrade from funchess to Evans is more than the downgrade from gurley to miller